Project Sakura Wars new screenshots reveal stage shows and more characters

Sega has today published more new screenshots for Project Sakura Wars. These screenshots cover the most recent information that was first revealed at last week's live stream.

The new characters introduced here are citizens of the imperial capital Tokyo, and they are being designed by Noizi Ito. The screenshots also show more locations that can be visited in the explorative Adventure Mode, as well as the theater shows that will be depicted with anime cutscenes.

You can see the new screenshots while reading our translation of the new information right below. Project Sakura Wars for PlayStation 4 will be released first in Japan as Shin Sakura Taisen on December 12. A Western localization has also been announced for Spring 2020.



Itsuki Saijo (voiced by Mayu Yoshioka)
A 15-year old girl who is a big fan of the Imperial Theater.

Itsuki loves both the Theater and the main-performing Flower Group. She visits the theater day and night whenever she has free time and interacts a lot with theater staff and other visitors. Her hobby is collecting theater merchandise, and she does her best day and night to collect every memorabilia from both old and new Flower Groups. She also considers the protagonist Seijuro Kamiyama as a rival on collecting bromide portraits.


Hiromi Hongo (voiced by Haruka Terui)
Clerk of the confectionery store Mikazuki, 22 years old.

Many customers visit the store only to see Hiromi's warm smile and kind demeanor. Although she normally sells Japanese sweets as a clerk, she is also sincerely working to develop new products. The trial products that she created would sometimes trigger mysterious phenomena and end up becoming subjects of fear.

Project Sakura Wars characters

Stage Shows

As the Imperial Revue members also perform in the Imperial Theater, they train their acting skills and hold public performances during peaceful days. You will be able to watch these stage shows with anime cutscenes that are to be played at certain points in the game.

  • Momotaro
    This show is performed in the first chapter. Sakura plays the role of the hero Momotaro, Hatsuho as the Ogre, and Claris as the Monkey. At this point, Sakura still doesn't have much experience in acting yet, and the show equipment is also tattered. It really shows how the Flower Group's stage show is very messy at the beginning of the game.
  • Danaan's Love
    The script for this show is written by Claris. Played to commemorate the recruitment of Anastasia into the Flower Group, she plays the main role while Sakura becomes the heroine. The stage setting in this show is prepared by the scenery staff Reiji Shiba.
Project Sakura Wars stage shows


  1. Imperial Theater Front - People and steam cars come and go along the road front of the theater.
  2. Central Station - A key point of the imperial capital's transportation system. As it serves as a station for not only trains but also airships, it is considered the entrance gate to the capital. The left-hand side has a direct passageway to the Grand Imperial Hotel.
  3. Ginza Side Street - The Chinese restaurant Shenlongxuan, which also doubles as the base of operations for Shanghai Revue, is located here. A suspicious fortuneteller also resides deep inside the alleyway.
  4. Ginza Main Street - The left-hand side has Cafe Gilles du Lait, while the right-hand side has the Ginroku Department Store. Deep within the street, there is a small plaza that is crowded with people.
  5. Cafe Gilles du Lait - The interior has a modern atmosphere and is crowded with customers.
  6. Rooftop Amusement Park - Located at the rooftop of Ginroku Department Store, its gigantic Ferris wheel is the main spotlight.
  7. Tram Stop - The other side of the road has a confectionery store and a book store.
  8. Confectionery Store Mikazuki - Located in front of the Tram Stop. Hiromi Hongo works here.
  9. Kabuki-za - The kabuki theater which symbolizes Japan, located in Ginza. It holds a lot of kabuki shows and is crowded with many visitors.
  10. Mikasa Commemoration Park - This park is made to commemorate the aerial battleship Mikasa which protected the imperial capital in a previous war. People can relax in this sea-facing park.
Project Sakura Wars locations