Kingdom Under Fire II introduces the Berserker class

Gameforge has released the fifth and final character spotlight for Kingdom Under Fire II, introducing the Berserker class. This is one of five classes found in this action RPG/RTS hybrid, alongside Spellsword, Elementalist, Ranger, & Gunslinger.

Find an opening movie, gameplay spotlight, and screenshot set below. 

Kingdom Under Fire II is set to release in November for PC. You can find the Gamescom trailer, information, and screenshots here, and a recent cinematic trailer here.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Berserker Opening

Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Character Spotlight: Berserker

Fueled by the power of dark rage, the Berserker unleashes unholy wrath and strikes fear into the hearts of enemies across the battlefield!

In the carnage of battle, the Berserker stands out for his brute force, huge health pool and staying power. Drawing on a core of rage, he can carry out debilitating attacks while benefiting from a shield that absorbs damage. Armed with weapons imbued with dark energy, he is the ultimate front-line warrior, capable of smashing enemy ranks with his obliterating attacks.

Legends from a mysterious race of Exiles spoke of a great man with unparalleled power who was destined to be the one to unite and lead the Exiles. There was such a man, who listened to the ancient legends and began a quest to find the sword once wielded by the mightiest of creatures. However,  just as he was about to attain the glorious goal of all the Exiles… he was viciously betrayed and lost everything. After barely managing to survive, he turned to the Azilia Knights of a faraway land to regain his power and one day punish his betrayer.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Berserker Screenshots