Project Sakura Wars to release demo in Japan on November 21, introduces enemy character Oboro

Sega has announced in Japan that they will release a public demo for Project Sakura Wars on November 21. If you have a Japanese PSN account, you will be able to download this demo when it goes live on the Japanese PSN Store on that date. This demo will seem to use a similar build to the TGS 2019 demo, where you can explore the theater and interact with other characters before sortieing with Azami into a battle.

Interactions with the heroine characters will play a bigger role in the full game, as building up relationships with them will directly improve your combat stats. Interactions from the Adventure Mode will determine the starting status of the Bond Gauge with that heroine in battles, which then can be filled further by accomplishing battle feats such as shooting down enemies.


Once per battle, you will be able to unleash a special combination attack after certain conditions have been met. Depending on the heroine you choose as your partner for the battle, the game will play different anime cutscenes (similar to what we'll see with the theater shows).

Sega has also published more new screenshots that detail some of the menacing enemies that you will fight against in this game. You can check them out right below.

Enemy Demons


Oboro (voiced by Daisuke Kishio, designed by Tite Kubo)
A high-class demon who suddenly appeared in the imperial capital together with Yasha. With a haughty and domineering personality, he has a twisted mind where he finds joy in giving terror and despair to people. He excels in creating illusions by using superior magic power. He would first make those who oppose him suffer from various illusions before finishing them off.


Puppet Mechanical Soldier - Arahabaki
This always-airborne Puppet Mechanical Soldier is Oboro's mech of choice. Known for its skirt armor that is shaped like a giant hand, it will make the heroes at Flower Group suffer from various attacks launched by long-ranged small weapons, as well as attacks that make use of illusions.


Puppet Mechanical Soldier - Kyokotsu
A gigantic-sized demon that has fused with a Puppet Mechanical Soldier. The powerful attacks that come from its big frame will overwhelm the heroes' Mugen spiricle fighters. The head is its weak point, so players should aim to destroy it by using a jump attack after avoiding its attacks beforehand.

Project Sakura Wars

Project Sakura Wars will be available in the West in Spring 2020. It will be released first in Japan as Shin Sakura Taisen for PlayStation 4 on December 12.