New Mass Effect title reportedly in very early development at Bioware

It’s been a while since BioWare has announced anything new regarding the Mass Effect series and after Mass Effect Andromeda's rocky release and decision to forgo any single-player DLC, the company has shifted its focus. However, according to a Kotaku report, a new game is indeed in very early development stages at the Edmonton studio under Project Director Mike Gamble, producer of Mass Effect Andromeda.


It's not much to go on, but to know something is actually underway is perhaps slightly more comforting than general intent to return to the franchise "At some point" that Bioware GM Casey Hudson expressed last year.

Coming only a few weeks after learning about the likely long waiting period for Dragon Age 4, which we haven't seen anything from since its tease last winter, to know that Mass Effect has some forward momentum does give us some hope, though all signs point to a great deal of patience required before anything concrete comes to light.

We're eager to slot another Mass Effect title in the ranks of our most anticipated games at some point (not so) soon.