Yakuza: Like a Dragon details even more features such as Crest Collection, Party Chats, and Selfies

Sega has published even more information and screenshots for Yakuza: Like a Dragon. With this game releasing in just a couple more days in the East, it is evident that they are doing all they can to promote this very ambitious title where they shift the genre from action to turn-based RPG.

The latest details show off even more features that this game will have, from triggering special conversations at specific places to taking photos and selfies. You can read more on that right below.

  • Nigi-nigi
    People that offer a mysterious Nigi-nigi service may appear rarely in the town. Although it's a bit pricey, if you agree to pay for the service, it will grant different kinds of rewards from recovering an ally's HP/MP or improving one of Kasuga's Human Powers. This is also a reference to Dragon Quest's Puff-puff feature, with the 'nigi' word may be based on a Japanese term that means 'grasping'.
  • Crest Collection
    You can collect Tojo Crests that have been scattered all over the town due to their conflict against the Omi Alliance. Kamurocho's mascot character Kamurop is somehow also visiting Ijincho, and you can give these crests as a currency to trade for some exclusive items from Kamurop itself.
  • Party Chats
    When Kasuga walks on a specific location at a specific time, it will trigger special conversations with other party members where you can also see another side of the characters. For example, walking around the edges of Hamakita Park triggers a conversation between Kasuga and Namba about sushi.
  • Taking Pictures with Camera
    Kasuga can use his smartphone camera to take pictures and add decorations or filters on them. The end results will be stored at his smartphone's album to view in the future. Kasuga can also take selfies and change his own expressions, and his friends may also react when the camera is aimed at them.
Yakuza: Like a Dragon screenshots

Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be released first for PlayStation 4 in Japan and East Asia this Thursday on January 16. The Western localization is slated to follow later in 2020. You can catch up with our prior coverages of this RPG, where they gave more details on Company Management, Survive Bar, and Sujimon. You can even summon some of the series' famous characters like Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima with the Delivery Help system.