Trials of Mana screenshots detail Character Leveling System, Costume changes, Seeds, and Other New Features

Square Enix has released new screenshots and information for Trials of Mana, detailing the character leveling system, class changes, seeds, and other features found in the remake.

Especially of note is a shortcut system where four items or moves from the ring menu can be set to shortcut commands, making accessing your most used abilities easier to manage. There are also four difficulty settings that can be set in the game, including a Beginner mode for those who simply want to experience the storyline. The game will also have an autosave system and more save points compared to the original Trials of Mana.

There are also many more abilities to be found in the re-release, with 300 in total. These include passive abilities, such as healing when enemies are defeated, as well as abilities that can be used by the entire party.

Find all the details and screenshots below, via Square Enix.

Trials of Mana is set to release on April 24, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In case you missed it, you can check out the character introduction trailers for Hawkeye & RieszKevin & Charlotte, and Duran & Angela.

Character Leveling System


As each character levels up, their base stats, like strength and HP, will increase. They will also obtain “Training Points” to help boost their stats further or learn new moves and abilities.

  • Boosting Stats: Use Training Points to boost your character’s base HP, MP, Strength, Stamina, Spirit, Intellect, or Luck. You can also reset your already-allocated points at a specific location in the world.
  • Moves: Magic spells and attacks you learn will be automatically added to the move ring menu. You can bring up the menu and select a move while exploring the field or battling. Using moves costs MP.

Abilities will grant special bonuses to help you on your adventure. You must equip learned abilities in order to get the bonus effect, such as stat increases, boosts during battle, and more! Learn abilities by allocating Training Points or by interacting with certain characters you meet along your journey. Once you switch to a higher class, you’ll learn and be able to equip even more abilities.

  • Abilities: Equip an ability to receive its bonus effect. There are some abilities that only certain characters can learn and others that are locked to specific classes. In total, there are over 300 abilities.
  • Chain Abilities: Chain Abilities can be used by all party members. Learn more abilities by allocating Training Points and meeting people along your journey. You may learn chain abilities from quite unexpected acquaintances...
  • Locked Abilities: Unlock abilities that are class-specific once you’ve switched to the relevant class. You don’t have to equip class-locked abilities to take advantage of their effects.

Costume Choice & Resetting Classes


Characters can become more powerful by leveling up and switching their classes. Once a character changes classes, they can learn new class strikes, magic, and more. Once a character reaches Class 2, they’ll have a choice between two branches, “Light” or “Dark.” Depending on which route they choose, they’ll learn different skills. A reset option is also available in-game - if you use the “Goddess Scales” item, the character will reset back to their default Class 1.

[Editor's Note: Details and images for the many various class changes for each character can be found here.]

Chatting with Party Members


Once you enter a town, you will split off from the rest of your party. You can find your travel companions as you search around the town, so be sure to stop for a chat!

Seeds and Magic Pots


Plant seeds you find while exploring or obtain from defeating monsters in an inn's magic pot located near the front desk. You can grow items and equipment from the various types of seeds. There are five types: “Item,” “Silver Item,” “Gold Item,” “Rainbow Item,” and “???” seeds. The pot will level up the more seeds you plant. The higher your magic pot level is, the better your chance at getting good items from Item Seeds. Enemies will drop seeds more often, too!

  • Item Seeds, Silver Item Seeds, Gold Item Seeds, Rainbow Item Seeds: Grow various items and gear from seeds. The more precious the seed, the better the items you can grow. Rainbow Item Seeds can even grow rare gear that can’t be grown from any other seed type.
  • ??? Seeds: Grow the Class Items necessary to switch to certain classes from ??? Seeds. In this game, you can find these seeds in a few places, including inside treasure boxes in dungeons.

Other Features

  • New Items: Newly added items that increase the EXP or lucre you earn after winning a battle for a limited time, as well as items that boost specific base stats. You can find these items in treasure boxes around towns or in the field.
  • Shortcuts: You can set up to four items or moves from the ring menu as shortcuts for quick and efficient access to your most-used commands.
  • Full Recovery: Once you’re out of battle, you can use healing items or magic on your whole party at the same time. You can choose between full or partial recovery depending on how many items you have left or how much MP you want to use.
  • Difficulty Settings: You now have the option of four difficulty settings. It changes the strength of the monsters you face in battle, but won’t change the contents of the story. Pick your preferred difficulty from the options menu. For players that want to focus on the story instead of the fighting, there’s a “Beginner” mode that will allow you to revive your party right away even if you’re defeated.
  • Save Data Slots: Save up to twelve save files. In addition to the new autosave function, more mana statue save points have been added to dungeons and other areas compared to the original release.
Trials of Mana Screenshots