Sakura Wars update 1.01 in Japan adds key config, camera lock-on, and more QoL improvements

Sega has today released a title update to the Japanese release of Sakura Wars, where the game is already available as Shin Sakura Taisen (New Sakura Wars). The main spotlight of this update to version 1.01 is the addition of Sakura's upgraded Spiricle Fighter Mugen in the Battle Simulator mode.

This update also brings in many more QoL improvements that weren't seen in the initial Japanese release, such as the ability to lock-on to an enemy during battles, change the key config scheme, and save/load at any time through the Pause menu.

The console's Share feature restriction has also been lifted with this update, although players are still encouraged to put up spoiler warnings when uploading the videos. You can see more details from the patch notes that we have translated from the Japanese official webpage below the new screenshots.

Sakura Wars for PlayStation 4 is already available in Japan since December 12. The Western release will launch on April 28. You can also watch the official English Story Trailer and Relationships Trailer.

Sakura Wars Update Version 1.01

Sakura Wars Version 1.01 Update

Feature Additions

  • Added feature to display conversation message log when pausing during events and in the setting screen
    (The log will be reset at a certain timing)
  • Added lock-on feature during battles
    (By default, lock-on is toggled with R3. The key config menu will let you switch button assignments between lock-on and camera reset)
  • Added Battle Button Placement Patterns [key config] in the setting screen
  • Added displays for Enemy Directions in the battle screen
    (They can be toggled in the setting screen)
  • Added feature to save & load at any time in the setting screen
    (Manually saving during battles will save the last checkpoint information)
  • Added the feature to toggle Seijuro Kamiyama's voice on or off in the setting screen
  • Added Speed 6 and 7 in the Adventure Camera Speed setting
  • The feature to skip event scenes is now available from the first playthrough
  • Added Automatic Lock-on Switch option in the setting screen
  • Added Battle Camera Tracking option in the setting screen
  • Added feature to reset camera with L2 button in Adventure Part
    (Previously it's only available with R3; the button still serves the same purpose in this update)


  • Adjusted enemy behaviors and hitboxes
  • Adjusted ally AI behaviors
  • Adjusted camera behaviors during battles
  • Enhanced rescue measures when retrying at World Revue War stages
  • Adjusted game balance in the Koikoi Wars minigame
  • Adjusted tutorial explanations to match with the feature additions and adjustments


  • Performed fixes to improve motion stability in the whole game
  • Fixed a bug where setting reversed camera controls would not apply to Claris and Anastasia's finisher aiming modes during battles
  • Fixed other minor bugs including typos
  • Removed restrictions from the PlayStation 4 Share feature