The 3rd Birthday dated for Europe, English-language Trailer Released

Square Enix Europe have announced that their upcoming PSP Action RPG The 3rd Birthday is to arrive in stores on April 1st - and no, that's not a joke.

That puts the European release date slightly after the previously reported March 29th North American release, but European gamers do get a slight bonus for the delay of a couple of days in the form of an exclusive special edition of the title. The "Twisted Edition" of the game includes a ton of extras including an art book and an exclusive Aya Brea costume for Lightning in Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy when that launches. You can see more information on that version of the game over in the original news story.

Alongside the release date announcement Square Enix also released a trailer showing off some of the game - including English language voice acting. Yvonne Strahovski takes the of Aya, and while she's famed for her role in the TV series Chuck RPG Site readers will likely already know her as the face and voice of Mass Effect 2's Miranda. Casting her is no bad thing, as Mass Effect 2 won our award for Voice Cast Performance of the Year in 2010.

Check out the European release Date Announcement Trailer below, and remember you can find all the other 3rd Birthday Screenshots, Artwork and Trailers over in the Media Vault!