Sakura Wars shows the main enemies in Demon Conflict trailer

Sega has released a new demon conflict trailer for Sakura Wars that showcases the dark forces the Flower Division will have to face in Ginza. You can find the trailer and screenshots below!

Sakura Wars will be released on April 28 for PlayStation 4. If you need to catch up before then, check out the combat trailer, the relationship trailer, the introduction to the Flower Division in the story trailer and the announcement trailer & cast overview.

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As the Imperial Combat Revue prepares to compete in the Combat Revue World Games, their challenge is far bigger than just themselves. As with every combat revue in the world, their true purpose is to protect their city from demons-hostile, grotesque creatures born from the anger and malice of human beings.

Beyond their revenue-raising theater productions, the team has been training and getting their Type-3 Kobu Spiricle Armor and Mugen-class Spiricle Strikers combat-ready in order to bring the Flower Division back to its rightful role as Tokyo's venerable defense force.

They will be forced into action as two greater demons have driven the citizens to the brink of despair, opening the dark realm and unleashing calamity upon them. Introducing: 

Oboro, whose warped mind derives great pleasure from traumatizing others.



Yaksha, a mysterious yet powerful masked figure who bears a striking resemblance to a former star…

Sakura Wars Screenshots