Digimon Survive introduces Kaito Shinonome and Miu Shinonome

Bandai Namco has released screenshots introducing two new characters for Digimon Survive: siblings Kaito Shinonome and Miu Shinonome. There is also a handful of battle screenshots, as well as a new crowded version of the game's key artwork (though somewhat small in resolution), which seems to indicate we now know the full main eight-person cast for the game.

Check out the character introductions below and screenshots in the gallery.


Kaito Shinonome


(voiced by Kengo Takanishi)

A boy living in the region where the extracurricular camp takes place. His family moved here a few years ago, and he takes care of his little sister Miu because their parents go out often. Although he has a strong sense of duty and hates crooked things, he hates relying on people and prefers to do things on his own, and he is also quick to get into a fight.

When they just moved in to the area, Kaito was bullied by bad kids in the area. When they meddled with his sister, however, Kaito's anger ignited and he ended up beating them to a pulp. This incident caused him to shut himself up, not trust anyone around him, and focus on protecting his sister.

During a time when Kaito is trying to stop his sister from entering a shrine that is off-limits, he finds himself on the same path as Takuma's group and ends up getting lost together in the other world. His violent nature will end up getting exposed even further as he tries to survive in this dangerous world.

Kaito will be accompanied by Dracmon (voiced by Kouta Nemoto), a mischievous monster with no fears that will try to calm him from his rampage and suggest to think carefully, while keeping some distance from him.

Miu Shinonome


(voiced by Misaki Watada)

A girl who lives in the mountainous region where the extracurricular camp takes place. She talked about the forbidden temple with Saki's group, and ended up getting lost together in another world. A strange girl who bewilders people around her with eccentric speeches and conduct. 

Although she is Kaito's biological sister, his over-protectiveness of her makes her depressed. She used to gather attention in her new school for being from another city, but recent rumors about her brother being very violent made people avoid her. Miu would gradually come to admire occult things.

As everyone gets lost in the other world, Miu hates how Kaito becomes even more over-protective towards her and ends up running away from him. The dangerous world tickles Miu's curiosity, and she sees it as a fascinating world. She will be accompanied by Shakomon (voiced by Asami Takano), a monster with common sense and a very realistic personality to balance her occultic dreams.

Digimon Survive is set to release in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In case you missed it, you can find previous updates detailing Shuji Kayama Ryo Tominaga, Saki Kimishima, and gameplay structure.

Digimon Survive Screenshots and Artwork
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