Neptunia Virtual Stars - new Japanese trailer featuring Neptune gives a rundown of the game's features

Compile Heart has published a new Japanese trailer for VVVtunia - which has recently been revealed to be localized in the West as Neptunia Virtual Stars. In this trailer, the metaseries' protagonist Neptune gives a rundown of the game features in the style of a virtual YouTuber, which is fitting with the game's theme of featuring a lot of V-Tubers.

You can see some footage of the gameplay features that have been revealed previously, from the battle elements, the Video Battler system where you can generate items from reading YouTube videos, the BeatTik dancing side-game, and more features where you can interact with existing Virtual YouTubers that will appear as guests in the game.

Find the new trailer right below. Neptunia Virtual Stars will be available in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4 in 2021, while the Japanese release VVVtunia will launch on August 6.