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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Review

The story of Knights of the Old Republic dates back to roughly 4000 years before the Star Wars saga that we all know and love. The game opens by giving you the opportunity for you to create your own character.

This character will be able to be changed and altered at various points as you progress through the game giving you the ability to make your character fit perfectly with your own personal style of game play.

One of the dominating factors of this game is the influence of “the Force” over the game. Every task you do whether it’s taking a side, choosing to kill or choosing to spare someone has an effect on your balance with the force. The force points are of course allocated by whether your action was that of someone pure and peaceful with the light side of the force or corrupted and devious with the dark side of the force.

Now the part of the game that concerned most, intrigued the rest and determines how well done the game truly is. Is it Star Wars or is it just another RPG with flying ships and weird looking residents. Well you can put you queries to rest because the world of Knights of the old republic has captured the essence of the star wars galaxy perfectly, from the multiple different creatures to the odd looking landscapes and vast galaxy of planets. Everything that makes Star wars, Star wars is in this game.

Knights of the old republic offers everything you could really ask for from a game of this unique, intuitive style. The game flows extremely well and as you progress though the plot may thicken, the freedom shall expand. An example of this said freedom would be the immense amount of dialogue and conversations that take place during the course of the game.

The games dialogue is done almost completely with written text accompanied by voice, this is to aid the idea of creating a personalized and unique character to you as under the text you are given multiple different ways to respond to whatever has been said to or asked of you.

The different choices determine whether you gain points on the dark or light side of the force or remain on a neutral path through the conversation, your reply can also gain you enemies or friends, often both. The AI in the game is very good, the other members of your party move, fight and converse in their own individual styles, each adapting to both how much you know about them and what armor and weaponry you equip them with.

All in all this is honestly an incredible piece of work, there is much attention to detail from the correct inhabitants of planets to the realistic battle that will make you feel as though you have the midichlorion count of Anakin Skywalker pulsing through your veins. In this game, you experience the real Star Wars Galaxy.

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9 / 10

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