Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Earning the Ferry Pass and getting across the Jegon River

Starting in Year 3 of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, the Lilty Tristan will be able to Ferry you across the Jegon River, for a fee of course. Eventually, he'll also be able to transport players to both Mount Kilanda as well as Leuda and the Lynari Desert. 


During your travels, Tristan will mention in passing bringing him both a Kilanda Sulfur as well as a Cactus Flower. Earning these items will net you discounts on Tristan's trips across the sea, but it's not 100% clear where to find each item. 

Finding one of the two items will net a 20% discount on all Ferry Ride.
Finding both items will make all prices half off.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: How to get the Kilanda Sulfur, Cactus Flower, and Ferry Pass

Finding the Kilanda Sulfur

Starting in Year 4, Tristan will offer to take players to Kilanda, where they will find the Mount Kilanda dungeon and myrrh tree. Tristan will mention being on the lookout for Kilanda Sulfur, so you should be on the lookout for this material as you travel through the dungeon.


However, it does not seem to be possible to fin Kilanda Sulfur on your first time through Mount Kilanda. We were able to find the item in a treasure chest on the second screen just below the entrance to the boss arena, between the NW and North-Center exits. It seems to have the best chance to appear from that chest once you've collected 2 myrrh drops from Mount Kilanda.


Bringing Tristan the Kilanda Sulfur will give you a 20% discount on ferry trips (unless you've also already given the Cactus Flower, in which case they'll be half off).


Finding the Cactus Flower

Starting in Year 5, you'll be able to find Tristan at Port Tipa, since the Jegon River will be dried up, preventing access to the Plains of Fum or any location past the west bank. However, talking to Tristan at Port Tipa will allow for travel to Leuda and the Lynari Desert.

As before, Tristan will mention an item he is seeking from the island, this time a Cactus Flower. As before, you'll be able to find it in the nearby dungeon of Lynari Desert. Also as before, you can't seemingly gather the item on your first trip, so you'll need to enter the dungeon a second time.


Make your way through the desert until you reach the path that wraps around the Antlion's boss arena. Remember, you have to enter a sandpit location at the far southeast of the desert to make your way past the initial screen.


Once near the boss arena, keep traveling past the entrance, following it east. You'll eventually end up at a dead end with a single cactus plant in sight. Simply destroy the plant to get the Cactus Flower.

Return this item to Tristan to earn a 50% discount on all ferry rides (unless you haven't yet found the Kilanda Sulfur, at which the discount will start at 20% off).


After two years of discounted ferry rides, Tristan will offer you a lifetime pass for 50,000 gil. It's a steep price that probably covers the cost of more trips than you may have even planned on ever taking, but offer up the gil to have free rides from that point on. If you need an influx of cash to afford the pass, considering locating Alfitaria's Missing Princess

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Fixing the Jegon River

Starting in Year 5, the Jegon River will dry up, preventing Tristan from crossing to the west bank. There are two ways to go about fixing the river.

1.) Simply wait out the issue though Year 8. The river will naturall refill afterward.

2.) Fix the pumps at Veo Lu Sluice

Note: Heading to Veo Lu Sluice in Year 5 will require the Unknown Element from the Lynari Desert.


If you want to repair the river early, then head over to Veo Lu Sluice, and you'll notice that all of the water in the dungeon has receded, offering access to areas you weren't able to get to before. If you want to fix the river though, you'll have to heal the pumps in Veo Lu by casting Raise or using Phoenix Down on the pumps, which have since stopped working. You can either take advatage of the window of time to fully explore the newly revealed parts of the dungeon, or forgo that by healing all the pumps to return the river to normal.