Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Completing the Missing Princess Sidequest

One of the major sidequests in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is that of the Alfitaria's Missing Princess. Crystal Chronicles is full of little easter eggs and chance encounters on the caravan trail, but solving the issue of runaway royalty is the closest thing the game has to a years-long quest, with a nice reward to boot for completing it to the end. 

The sidequest can be kicked off as early as Year 2, when you're first able to head to the kingdom's capital city of Alfitaria. Don't fret if you're starting later though, it's not possible to miss any specific step of the process even if you never kicked off the quest as early as you could have. 

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: How to find the Missing Princess

1.) Head to Alfitaria and talk to Knocfelna.


In order to start the Missing Princess quest, head to Alfitaria and find the armored Lilty named Knocfelna roaming the streets. Nothing will seem amiss right away, but that will soon change.

2.) Collect a drop of myrrh and return to Knocfelna.


The princess is missing! Here's the true start of the quest. There's nothing you can do about it right away though. Read on...

3.) Wait until an odd year and talk to Te Odow, a female Selkie in Marr's Pass


The Selkie merchant group is in Marr's Pass on odd years. Speak to Te Odow to continue onto the next stage of the quest. Note that you may have to speak to her multiple times until she mentions a Selkie maiden. If she doesn't say this line, the quest will not progress.

4.) Collect a drop of myrrh and head to Jegon River's east bank.


If you completed the above properly, you'll be able to find a mysterious Selkie on the bank of the river. It's pretty obvious that this is our missing princess, but she won't admit that just yet.

5.) Leave the river bank and return.


Instead of the Princess on the east bank, you'll find your good friend Knocfelna. Seems like she's eluded his grasp yet again.

6.) Collect a drop of myrrh and head to the Fields of Fum on the west side of the Jegon River.


In the Field of Fum, you'll find that Knocfelna has caught up to the Princess, and they are having a bit of a dispute. Make sure to talk to both characters here.

7.) Collect a drop of myrrh and head to Leuda. You'll be able to use Tristan's boat to sail to Leuda from Port Tipa starting in Year 5.


You'll find the Princess and Knocfelna at the Selkie hometown now. Again, talk to both characters here.

8.) Collect a drop of myrrh, then return to Leuda.


Head back to Leuda and speak to the Princess and Knocfelna again. Leave the town and you'll see a cutscene of the Princess speaking with a village Selkie child.

9.) Head back to Alfitaria for your reward.


Back in Alfitaria, you'll see that Princess Fiona has returned to the capital with new resolve. She'll reward you with 100,000 gil for your efforts, along with a trophy and completed diary entry for your journal.