Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Completing the Love Letters Quest

While not as immediately prominent as the quest to find Alfitaria's Missing Princess, there's another smaller quest worth doing in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered. While it doesn't have quite as gaudy of a reward as leading Fiona back to her throne in Alfitaria, there's still a few nice rewards to earn for reuniting a lost pair of lovers now ever since their home of Tida had been consumed in miasma.

We've got guides to other obtuse FFCC quests if you need it, like the Missing Princess Quest, getting the Ferry pass to cross the Jegon River and All Moogle Nest Locations - as well as a complete weapons list and armor list.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Solving the Love Letter quest

First off, you can't complete this quest until at least Year 5, once you have access to Leuda from the ferry. To start off, you'll want to speak to Cecil, a older man in the center of Marr's Pass, and Leu Tipa, the elder Selkie located at the entrance to Leuda near the port.


Once both characters are spoken too, head into the dungeon of Tida and make your way to the second screen.


Once here, examine the tree located just northwest of the 2nd area's entrance, and you'll find a letter. 


Take the letter and show it to both Cecil and Leu Tipa. 


Once you've shown the letter to both characters, return to where you found it in Tida.


Upon returning to that tree, you'll find that the two lovers have finally reunited, along with one final letter.


Upon returning to Leuda, you'll learn a little bit more about the background of the two characters, and most specifically, the shops on the island will now have additional items for sale. The material shop will add a set of fiend drops, some of which are only available to purchase either here or with a fully upgrade Tipa merchant:

Chilly Gel-1000g
Holy Water-1000g
Heavenly Dust-1000g
Blue Silk-1000g
Fiend’s Claw-1000g
Faerie’s Tear-1000g

Meanwhile the Scroll vendor will add the following to his list, again with some of them being uniquely available for purchase here:

Master’s Weapon.-500g
Flame Armor-300g
Frost Armor-300g
Lightning Armor.-300g

You'll also finish your diary entry titled 'Young Tragic Love'.