Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: All Moogle Nest Locations to gather all the Mog Stamps

In the original release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, players could find Moogle Nests dotted across the various towns and dungeons, where Mog Stamps for your Stamp Card could be collected. These were used for the Blazin' Caravans mini-game, which would take place in multiplayer on each player's Game Boy Advance.


In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, Stamps are still collected in the same manner, but in the absence of the GBA-focused mini-game, now completing stamp sets will earn Memory Crystals, a unique set of items that allows one to take the appearance of another NPC of the same race and gender. 


In order to use earned Memory Crystals, you can either speak to a moogle at any Moogle Nest location, or simply choose the option when selecting a character from the Set Out menu on the world map.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: All Moogle Nest Locations

For convenience, we've listed the Moogle Nests in roughly the order you would expect to come across them in game, though this likely ends up depending on player preference.



This one is easy, as expected. Simply search behind the fixture holding the town's central crystal to enter the nest.

River Belle Path


After opening the gate with the first key, follow the path southeast and follow the shore. Push east, then north to a bluff containing some enemies and a chest containing an artifact. The Moogle Next is in the cliff just north of the chest.

Port Tipa


Even easier than the nest found in Tipa proper, just examine the cave entrance on the way down to the dock.

Marr's Pass


Head west from the entrace past one of the town's blacksmiths, and the nest is found south of him.

Mushroom Forest


Near the end of the level,when heading east-to-west near towards the boss area, follow the platform north to a lone treasure chest. The nest is found just to the right of it.

Mine of Cathuriges


In the last area of the dungeon when following the mine cart rails from platform to platform, follow the path to the southwest from the second platform. It's the platform that has the treasure chest found on the left side of it.

Goblin Wall


In the first area of the dungeon, head up towards the upper left. You should be able to hit two switches that will open up the entrances to a tunnel one level below you. Head back down into this tunnel, and the nest is found to the rear-left of it.



From the entrance, head all the way east, and then south to the lower ledge. Follow this path to find the moogle's nest at the end in what a appears to be a sewer drain. Poor moogle. 



In the first area of Tida, you'll eventually come across a locked gate leading west. Head south past this game to a dead end with two chests and an earth hot spot. The moogle lives in the destroyed house to the north.

Moschet Manor


In the west room of the manor (either the second or third door on the left, both lead into the same room), you can find the nest undernearth the table here.

Jegon River


On the Jegon River's west bank, you can find the nest on an obvious path leading to a den past a blue sign.

Fields of Fum


From the town entrance, head south and follow the east wall. There will be a pretty quaint dwelling housing a moogle.

Selepation Cave


This moogle nest is located in the first area of Selepation Cave, but you have to reenter from the second screen. Head to the second screen from the northwest exist. On the second screen, head east and take the exit south back to the first screen. In the new area of the first screen, follow the path south until you see a staircase. Follow the staircases to reach the elusive nest.

Daemon's Court


Follow the path left around the boss arena. Instead of heading up the stairs leading to the scaffolding heading to the northern-most area, you'll find the moogle nest situated underneath.

Veo Lu Sluice


From the door leading to the boss arena, follow the path that leads north and wraps around the west side of a water pool. Follow this path to a dead end with the nest (ignore the path to the very north).



Just past the two merchants right past the bridge leading into the city, you can find the moogle in a nearby tree.

Conall Curach


In the second screen of this maze-like dungeon, follow the path to the north east until your first opportunity to head directly south. This path will lead to a dead end and a lone tree. Look behind the tree to find the moogle.

Rebene Te Ra


In the second screen of the dungeon, you'll find 4 panels situated below a locked door. The easiest way to open this gate is to simply allow one of the nearby skeleton mages to set your character on fire, and then run accross the four panels in quick succession.

The next room contains a switch puzzle, which you need to solve to grab a key. This puzzle is unreasonably annoying to complete in single-player, but it can be done. 

  • Hold the chalice.
  • Step on the lowest left switch to lower the platform.
  • Step onto the platform's right switch to raise it back up.
  • Step on the wall's right switch to lower the tallest section along with the gate.
  • Carefully place the chalice onto the furthest switch to the right and quickly run off the platform before it raises back up.
  • Quickly step on the wall's right switch and the platforms left switch to lower both sections. You'll end up at ground level.
  • Run to the lowered gate before your chalice placed onto the switch above moves the wall back up.
  • From here, you get to enjoy trekking out into the miasma to grab the key to the far left. Considering pushing it instead of picking it up -- you'll immediately drop it every time you take damage.
  • Push it off the wall at the sloped point to the right of the gate.

Once you finally have the key, head over to the locked door located to the west, around the center-north of the second area. Examine the ruins to the east in the dead end to finally meet up with this moogle.

Mount Kilanda


In the northeast section of the first area of the dungeon, you'll find the nest located to the left of a treasure chest.



Head to the northwest area of the village and search behind the nearby tent.

Lynari Desert


In the vast, first area of the desert, head all the way to the nortwest, until you see an earth hot spot. Follow the past south to a cave with a treasure chest in it. The moogle nest is located deep in the cave, behind where the chest was.

Mag Well


Upon entering this town in The Abyss, head west at the first junction, and then head north behind the dome-like structure. 

Mount Vellenge


The last moogle is expectedly found in the last dungeon of the base game, Mount Vellenge. The moogle is found on the second screen of the dungeon. Make sure to take the exit from the western side of the first screen into the second. Once on the second screen, follow the path until you can take a fork east. You'll find the last nest underneath the land bridge.

Note: If your chalice goes out when exploring the dungeon, make sure to destroy the nearby dark crystal.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Earning Stamp Memory Crystals

You can earn some Memory Crystals by earning matching stamps on your Stamp Card

You'll earn the following Memory Crystals for filling out your Stamp Book.

Andy: Moschet Manor, Mine of Cathuridses, and Tida
Dow Hatty: Goblin Wall, Lynari Desert, Conall Curach
Genk Wauck: Port Tipa, Mushroom Forest, Daemon's Court
Yufina: Mount Vellenge, Mag Well
Shuela: Tipa, Fields of Fum
Bessamzan: Shella, Alfitaria
Lyne Dott: Marr's Pass
Ent Dalace: Mount Kilanda, Veo Lu Sluice
Dah Yis: Jegon River, River Belle Path, Leuda