Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Obtaining the Unknown Element

Earning the mysterious Unknown Element in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered may feel like an off-the-path side quest, but it's actually required to complete the game, as you can't cross the final miasma stream without it.

Throughout the years, you'll encounter the swindler-slash-poet Gurdy, who will recite verses from memory, but will be vague as to their actual meaning. You'll eventually piece together that they are clues to accessing Mag Mell and Mount Vellenge located in The Abyss.

The Unknown Element actually folds into some other things, too - like if you want to repair the Jegon River early, you'll need the Unknown Element in order to access Veo Lu Sluice, as detailed in our FFCC Ferry Pass and Jegon River guide

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Obtaining the Unknown Element

All of the steps in earning the mysterious white element can be earned as early as Chapter 5, the first time you can enter Lynari Desert. You can even complete the objectives before earning the Desert's Poem trophy for seeing Gurdy recite all the verses. 

Lightning brings the cactus pain
Now it all begins again


Near the north end of the desert's first screen, you'll see  a bunch of cacti lined across the top of the screen. Simply cast Thunder on the biggest one you see, off to the left. 

Rotted shelter sinks under weight
Land's bounties grace no camper's plate


Cast Gravity on a tent-like structure found east of the cactus from above. Gravity can be slotted into the Command Menu by fusing any two dissimilar elemental spells, such as Fire+Thunder.

Lonely mushroom bursts to flame
In the land that quicksands claim


Way towards the southeast of the area, you'll see a mushroom-shaped rock just offscreen to the east. Cast Fire on it. 

Three rocks the winter's kill await
One by one they find their mate


Back near the cacti from the start of this quest, you'll find three rocks situated as a triangle. Cast Blizzard on the rocks from smallest to largest.

In the end shall bloom a flower
Sacred light reveals its power


For the last step, you'll have to cast Holy on the flower located southwest of the rocks from above. Holy can be slotted into the Command Menu by fusing an elemental spell with Raise, such as Fire+Raise.


Once you have the Unknown element, you'll be able to cross through any miasma stream without issue! It's handy for being able to go anywhere on the map regardless of the year's pattern, and is also required to enter The Abyss.