Genshin Impact Adventure Rank EXP farming: tips to level up Adventure Rank fast

While it's heavily inspired by Breath of the Wild, Genshin Impact features a whole lot of more RPG-specific features - and that means there's a lot of different progression systems with a lot of levels and stats to keep in mind - including individual levels for each character. There is one overall measurement of your progression, however - and that's Adventure Rank.

Adventure Rank governs a lot of things in Genshin Impact. Many unlocks are hidden behind having a higher Adventure Rank - you'll unlock new queue spots at the blacksmith's forge for creating weapons, for instance. Another example - Daily Commission quests are unlocked at Level 12. Perhaps the biggest and most important thing to consider is that co-operative play with friends is unlocked at Adventure Rank Level 16.

That means a whole lot of you are going to want to grind and farm Adventure Rank EXP in order to level up fast to get to some of the bits of the game that most interest you - and that's what this guide is for; to help you choose the right activities to maximize Adventure Rank EXP level up speed.


How to Raise Adventure Rank fast in Genshin Impact

Here's the bad news: there is no real catch-all, easy, simple way to boost your Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact. There's no silver bullet for this problem - but we do have some recommended tasks that provide a decent amount of Adventure Rank EXP for the time commitment required.

Remember that when you're browsing through Genshin Impact quests and the like, Completion Rewards will often be displayed for you to see. The Adventure Rank symbol is green and features the letters A, R and E, for Adventure Rank Experience. You can see it above; keep an eye out for that symbol to get clued in to what a specific task gives you.

With that said, here are what we think are the fastest ways to farm Adventure Rank EXP and level up your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact:

Worship at all of the Statues of the Seven

There are a whole lot of 'Statues of the Seven' dotted around Mondstadt and Liyue, and each of these offers up a significant amount of Adventure EXP each time you make a donation to them and level them up. These statues also provide other bonuses, like Primogems, Sigils, and most importantly of all permanent buffs and increases to your character's Stamina, which will make it easier to get around by climbing and sprinting for longer.

The problem is this: to level up each Statue of the Seven, you'll need to turn in specific items. Lucky for you, we've got guides on how to ge them. So go ahead and head to our Amenoculus Locations list for statues in the Mondstadt region and our Geoculus Locations list for statues found in Liyue.

Even if you follow these guides to completion, if you do a decent amount of each you'll be able to level up a bunch of statues and massively increase your Adventure Rank very quickly indeed.

Complete Story Quests

While we don't recommend focusing on it too much if your goal is to grind Adventure EXP to unlock co-op play, in the extremely early game you'll be very well served by following the main story quests and the Archon quests. All of these give up quite a lot of Adventure EXP - always in the hundreds - and this adds up quickly.

While Genshin Impact lets you loose in its world right away, if you follow the core path set out for you, it'll constantly give you enough Adventure EXP to unlock core features like the Wish Gacha Roll system, which means you'll be unlocking a steady thread of Adventure Rank level-ups. As you get deeper into the game, these rewards level out, and at that point it's better to focus on things like...

Tackle Daily Commission Quests

Once you reach Adventure Rank 12, you'll unlock the ability to take on Daily Commission Quests from the Adventurers' Guild. These quests are randomly generated and are quite simple, but you can expect a good amount of Adventure EXP from them. You can only do four a day - so you should prioritize doing four every day, and keep an eye on the daily server reset time in order to pick up your next four. 

The rewards, including how much Adventure EXP you get, scales depending on your current Adventure Rank. This ranges from 175 EXP up to almost 300 - and then there's a bonus of as much as 500 Adventure EXP daily if you complete all four daily commission quests. That adds up to potentially as much as 1000 Adventure Rank EXP a day for very little time investment.

Fill in your Adventurer Handbook

The Adventurer Handbook is an item that you obtain from Katheryne, the Adventurer Guild character found near the entrance of Mondstadt early on in the game. It's basically yet another form of progression in Genshin Impact, listing various tasks the player can complete and offering rewards in return. These tasks get more obtuse and more difficult to complete as you get deeper in the game, but each individual task gives 100 Adventure Rank EXP once completed, which becomes incredibly valuable.

Once unlocked, keep tabs on your Adventurer Handbook and be sure to claim absolutely everything you can from it - everything helps in this level up grind!

Unlock Teleport Waypoints

As well as the Statues of the Seven mentioned earlier in this guide, don't forget to also unlock any Teleport Waypoint that you see. These basically act as fast travel points, the same as unlocked statues, but the important piece for this guide is to note that each one you activate and unlock provides you with 50 Adventure EXP and 5 Primogems. Having these unlocked is also generally useful anyway, too.

Find and Unlock every Shrine of Depths

The Shrine of Depths is another collectible out there in the world that's particularly handy. These locations are listed in another of our guides that lists the Shrine of Depths Locations & Unlocks, so you can check that to map them out. Anyway, each Shrine gives you 60 Adventure EXP as well as other bonuses when unlocked - not the greatest gain, but decent if you're struggling for additional places to grind.

The thing about these, however, is that each one requires a key to unlock, so the whole process is more protracted, thus it being lower down on this list. But it's worth being aware of all the same.

Explore, Clear Dungeons and Grab Treasure

This one might seem obvious, but we think it's an important point to round out this guide: simply getting stuck into the world of Teyvat will be extremely helpful in terms of raising your Adventure Rank level and letting you grind Adventure EXP. There's lots of things to do out in the world - chest to find (like in the Nameless Treasure side quest), dungeons to complete, and hidden locations to explore.

In particular, from Adventure Rank 12 you can Explore the Windy Cliff dungeon. The story will have already put you through this dungeon, but you can repeat it and grind this dungeon out for 200 Adventure EXP a time. This is great for pushing from level 12 to 16 in order to unlock co-op.

Every major action in Genshin Impact will carry a small Adventure EXP reward, and many of them will also fill in bits of your Adventurer Handbook which can then be redeemed for more EXP - but we'd exhaust the methods above before going spelunking in a dungeon.


Adventure Rank Rewards

Don't forget that each time you raise your Adventure Rank, you can head to Mondstadt and talk to Katheryne at the Adventurer's Guild booth near the entrance in order to get additional rewards for each rank up. These scale, starting out quite modest and getting quite impressive over time.

Expect to receive Food, Mora, Primogems, Weapons, Artifacts, crafting items, Fate items, and even bonus Adventure Experience as you go.