Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure: where to find these treasures and how to redeem them for big rewards

Genshin Impact is full of loot to grab and items to peruse. One item with some particularly solid rewards is the Nameless Treasure, however - there's a few to find, and if you find these and turn them in to a certain NPC, you can net yourself some big rewards.

There are three Nameless Treasure items to be found around the Liyue region of Genshin Impact's world - and if you trade them in you'll get 100,000 Mora, a bunch of Adventure Rank experience points and even some Primogems which you can put towards your next gacha banner draws.  

On this page we'll list the Nameles Treasure Locations, and explain how you can trade in the Nameless treasure to get a reward. If you need more Genshin Impact help, check out our pages on finding the Geovishap Hatchlings to farm Bone Shards, Elements and Elemental Combos, choosing a gift for Lisa in the Troublesome Work quest, plus our Geoculus location list and Anemoculus location list.


Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure Locations

There are three Nameless Treasures total in the Liyue region. They're located in the Dunyu Ruins, the Lingju Pass and the Qingxu Pool - all of which you can see marked relative to Liyue in the map above. 

In each instance, the three Nameless Treasures are locked behind a little 'puzzle' of sorts, where you'll need to do something in the area where it's found in order to reach it. We've also embedded a great YouTube video from NotCasuals, which shows the quests for each in a video form, in case that's helpful. Or alternatively, scroll past for our detailed written description.

  • The Dunyu Ruins Nameless Treasure is underwater, for instance, so you'll need to drain water to lower the water level to reach it.
    • To do this, first light the four torches at the ruins - some are hidden among the debris in slever ways.
    • Then activate the Geo Element Node in order to drain the water level in the pool.  
    • Now in the newly-drained area, go and find the three spirits that are roaming around. There are enemies down here but you can dodge them if you're careful. The spirits are all in this immedaite area where the water drained - don't get too distracted.
    • With the three spirits in place the force field is lowered and you can finally reach the chest for your first Nameless Treasure.
  • The Lingju Pass Nameless Treasure involves helping an NPC, including some combat.
    • On the western side of the area, there's an NPC being held hostage. 
    • Defeat the enemies and then free her from her cage. There's a chest nearby containing a Treasure Hoarder's Key which you can use to unlock the cage.
    • As a reward, she tells you the location of the treasure - underneath the Giant Golden Tree. This gets added to your quest log, too. Head to the tree to grab the hidden chest.
  • Finally, the Qingxu Pool Nameless Treasure. Right in the middle of the area there's a Stone Tablet that talks of five different seals to break.
    • You'll need Geo Element to do this; the seals are the Geo symbol on the ground. There are five tower structures around Qingxu Pool, and the seals are found in each tower. Just head to them all and use Geo to break each seal one-by-one.
    • Once all five seals are activated, go back to where the Tablet is located; the chest has spawned right in front of it.

Now you have the Nameless Treasures, it's time to turn them in for rewards.

How to trade in the Nameless Treasures for Rewards

With the Nameless Treasures in hand, it's time to turn them in. Go to the Liyue Harbor - you're looking for a vendor named Linlang, who runs a store named Xigu Antiques. This is right by the jewelry vendor that you've probably already used. Keep in mind that Linyang and his Antique Store only appears/opens at night - from 9pm onwards. If you can't find him, that's probably why - come back later!

All you have to do to sell the Nameless Treasures to him is speak to him several times - he has a unique little bit of dialogue for each Nameless Treasure, but then ha hands over the rewards. He hands over 40 Primogems and 100,000 Mora in return for the Nameless Treasures - and you net a bunch of Adventure XP for finishing this quest. Neat!