Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Event: elemental energy overflowing and other event challenges

Genshin Impact is finally getting rolling in earnest, and that brings with it limited time events - and we're now kicking off with the Elemental Crucible Event, the first major co-operative online event to hit the free-to-play RPG.

The Elemental Crucible co-op event was confirmed in a post on the official Genshin Impact website alognside the following description: 

Work together with other Travelers to shovel Elemental Clots into the Elemental Crucible to advance the alchemical process. After the alchemical transmutation is completed, consume Original Resin to receive bounties, including Character EXP materials, Adventure EXP, and more. Bounties will be calculated based on each Traveler's individual World Level. You can also obtain rewards such as Primogems, Character Ascension materials, and more by completing achievements in the Alchemy Handbook.

That's a whole lot of in-game, lore-appropriate mumbo-jumbo, but the truth is pretty simple: complete the co-op event tasks on thet able in and around the Elemental Crucible in order to get some handy rewards including Character and Adventure EXP, Primogems for spending on gacha banner draws, character ascension mats for upgrading those top tier Genshin Impact characters, and other things besides.

On this page, we'll break down everything you need to know about this first limited-time event, nice and quick-like.

Elemental Crucible Event: how to start, plus the end time

The Elemental Crucible event takes place from the 12th until the 19th of October 2020

The exact start and end time of the event will be determined on your local server time and what time your server of choice resets in-game. This will vary based on region and time zone, and we've got a full page on the server daily reset times you can consult to double check the exact finish time on October 19th. 

How to start the Elemental Crucible Event via the One Giant Step for Alchemy quest

First thing's first: because this is a co-operative event, there's a base floor you must meet in order to be able to get stuck into the event. There's three things you must accomplish to even access the event:

  • First, level. If you're below Adventure Rank 20, you won't be able to participate. Lucky for you, we've got a guide on raising Adventure Rank fast if you need it.
  • You'll also need to have completed all quest-lines in Act 2 (For a Tomorrow Without Tears) of the Prologue. If you've fulfilled these two criteria, you'll be able to get involved in the event. 
  • Finally, make sure you speak to Timaeus in Mondstadt, which ticks off the 'One Giant Step for Alchemy' quest that ultimately leads to the event; it introduces you to the elemental crucible.

To start the event, you'll need to open the Event Menu (duh). To do this you can press F5 on PC, Hold the L1 Button and select the compass on PS4, or tap the Compass Icon in the top right of your screen on mobile. From here, you'll be able to launch into the event.

Crucible Event Completion & Rewards

The event takes place at Thousand Winds Temple. Once you're guided there by Timaeus, you'll first have to fight a Ruin Guard and then will be able to interact with the Crucible and kick off the event - this will find partners for you to play with if you're not already in a co-op party.

Once in the event proper, all you need to do is defeat enemies that appear and then pick up the special 'Elemental Clot' items that they drop. 

As you collect Elemental Clots, you then have to deposit them into the furnace-like Elemental Crucible, gradually filling it. Once filled, you'll be able to collect rewards. You've got 15 minutes to fill the furnace.

Filling the furnace is trying, and you'll probably want buffs to your health and stamina so that you can take down enemies quickly without worrying about healing - the stamina, meanwhile, is to give you the speed to run back and forth either in search of enemies or to return clots to the elemental crucible. Cooking recipes that up stamina and health are useful for this.

Once finished, you'll be able to pick up your rewards. Rewards include Adventure Rank EXP, Companionship EXP, Experience Items, Character Ascension Items, Primogems, Enhancement Ore and Mora, and are unlocked through multiple methods including the Alchemy Handbook and BattlePass. 

Some rewards cost Original Resin, which is used to ignite the Elemental Crucible once filled - but you can also get free rewards by clearing the event multiple times, defeating 100 enemies total, clearing the event quickly, or by reaching a very high alchemical efficiency level. 


Elemental Energy Overflowing Challenge Advice

One of the most impressive rewards available from the Elemental Crucible event comes from completing one specific challenge in your Alchemy Handbook: to reach Elemental Energy Overflowing. The official mission is simple: Reach "Elemental Energy Overflowing" within 3 minutes of starting Elemental Crucible.

As an aside, your World Level must be the same as the session host to tackle this challenge. Your world level is determined by Adventure Rank and what Ascension Quests you've completed. You can complete this challenge without this, but you won't get the Elemental Energy Overflowing rewards.

In truth, getting Elemental Energy Overflowing is in part something of a game of luck. You'll need to get matched up with some other players who are a similar level and know what they're doing. Even when you get together a right party either through luck or coordination with friends, you'll then face a hard time - it's a tough challenge!

Filling the Elemental Crucible in under 3 minutes to beat the Elemental Energy Overflowing challenge is really difficult - you'll need to make the most of character abilities and really abuse those element combos and reactions in order to get the number of kills you need to make the clots spawn, then return them to the crucible. This is difficult, and it'll likely take you a number of attempts, but the rewards are well worth the effort: You'll get 8 Mystic Engancement Ore and 4 Hero's Wit character material items.