Yakuza: Like a Dragon - where to get pocket tissues for the Straight Outta Paper toilet quests

People being caught short in public bathrooms is a bit of a theme in the Yakuza series. Yakuza: Like a Dragon is no different, featuring a string of quests where you're tasked with tracking down toilet paper for people with dirty rears and no hope in certain toilets spread across the Yokohama area. To solve these quests, you'll need Pocket Tissues.

In Like a Dragon, these quests are categorized under the 'Support' missions in your Part-time Hero app, which is accessed through the main menu of the game. There's a lot of great quests available through Part-time Hero, with some of the most rewarding being around finding lost pets and snapping photos of mysterious statues - which between them can net you 4 million yen in total. We've got guides to those quests already - see our pages of Missing Cat Locations and Statue Kappa Locations - and on this page, we'll talk about how to get pocket tissues to clear the Straight Outta Paper toilet quests. Keep on reading...

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Straight Outta Paper: how to start the Pocket Tissue Toilet quests

The toilet paper based quests in Yakuza: Like a Dragon are all categorized as Special Delivery - Straight Outta Paper - which of course is a song-name pun, but also a pretty apt description of what situation this guy finds himself in: he'll be stuck inside a toilet with no toilet paper, in desperate need of pocket tissues so he can clean up.

The first of these quests spawns early on, around Chapter 5, inside the public toilets at Hamakita Park in the North-East of the map. The quest location will be marked on your map with a Part-time Hero icon with an exclamation mark - the symbol for a Part-time Hero side quest. This is the first of these quests, but once you solve it, the guy will get stuck again in consecutive toilets - always marked on the map - for a total of five toilets.

If you're unsure of where the next toilet is, check the Part-time Hero Support quests. If it doesn't appear, advance the story a little further, then check again. 

For each of the quests, you'll require a different number of pocket tissues - it rises slightly each time. If you complete all of the quests, you'll get some gear, crafting items, and 97,000 Yen.

Where to get Pocket Tissue in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The Pocket Tissue item is found in only one place in Yakuza: Like a Dragon - and unfortunately, it's going to be a more time consuming quest to complete. Pocket Tissue is obtained as a potential reward from the Can Quest mini-game, meaning the only way to get it is to play Can Quest a bunch of times in order to get the Pocket Tissues.

There's a taxi right next to the Can Quest in the south-western side of the map, and it's even marked as being the Can Quest taxi drop-off spot. Each Pocket Tissue costs 200 Points, and to complete every stage of Straight Outta Paper you'll need 21 pocket tissues. That means you'll need 4200 points in total.

Chat to the NPC in charge of the Can Quest and select 'Shop' for your chance to swap for Pocket Tissues, then deliver them to the man in the toilet cubical to complete each stage of Straight Outta Paper and reap the rewards.