Genshin Impact merchandise: How to buy it and where to find it

If you've got a Genshin Impact itch you can't seem to scratch, you may be on the hunt for real-world merchandise to collect from an official MiHoYo store. Unfortunately, buying your own figure of Klee, Zhongli acrylic stand, or Amber-inspired mug has been a little difficult for fans not playing in China. Still, it's slowly getting easier with Teyvat's growing roster of goodies. So, to help save you from a long hunt, we'll explain how to buy Genshin Impact merchandise outside of China or where you can find official items.

Since the RPG's 2020 debut, MiHoYo has frequently given away a steady supply of Genshin Impact Primogem Codes, but there's far more than digital goodies to pick up. Teyvat fans can also add official figures, kitchenware, jewelry, keychains, shirts, and other merch to their real-life Genshin collection. It's worth noting that these things rarely come straight from MiHoYo if you can't order from China-based sites like Tmall, though the company has sold its own collectibles at in-person events worldwide. 

You'll most likely be paying a bit more as a fan outside of Genshin's home country in any scenario, but if you're ready to shop, here's what you need to know about third-party vendors and MiHoYo's official site:

 What websites sell Genshin Impact merchandise? 

Genshin Impact is popular, and with popularity comes a lot of scammers, bootleg merchandise, and expensive markups. A website being new doesn't make it a scam, but opting to go for cheap over trusted may sometimes land you out of money or waiting much longer. Also, consider the price of knowing you're buying from well-established resellers, professionalism, and packaging. 

All of that being said, if you cannot use Tmall, you can turn to third-party collectible storefronts that import licensed Genshin Impact items that ship outside of China like:

  • AmiAmi
  • Big Bad Toy Store
  • Good Smile (manufacturer and distributor)
  • Crunchyroll
  • Aitai Kuji

Some of these stores have way more variety than others, and prices may vary at the time of stock and exchange rates. You'll also see prices climb even on some of the better digital retailers if they're able to sell additional stock that was once sold out. Just remember, these options are always going to be pricier than what you see listed in Tmall unless there's some sort of special sale or clearance. 


A lot of other stores have popped up that exclusively sell Genshin Impact merchandise since the game launched, and some of those seem well-received across social media. However, they're just hard to verify without time and feedback, but this list will continue to grow as new items are announced. For now, you shouldn't trust any store representing itself as MiHoYo's official vendor. That doesn't exist as of November 2021, and the company does not have an official online store for North American or European countries. When MiHoYo does sell their own merchandise outside of their typical servicing regions, they announce as much, like in this Anime NYC blog post

 How can I buy things from MiHoYo's official online store?

For those unfamiliar, Tmall is a popular Chinese online shopping platform and where MiHoYo sells and reveals new goodies (you can still check it out here outside of the country). And if you want to buy an item directly from Tmall, there are options for fans unable to read or write Chinese. Sometimes, it's better to take this route as Tmall purchases occasionally come with pre-order bonuses left out through other vendors. That's not always the case, but it's worth weighing all of your options and checking prices everywhere. 

It can be a little confusing for first-time importers, but buying from any place outside of your country is often a breeze through services known as a Proxy. These buyer agents navigate Tmall for you, buy the item, and ship it internationally. Superbuy is a popular proxy service, and you can buy anything from the Genshin Impact storefront by copying and pasting the link into their search bar. They'll charge you a service fee plus shipping. 


It is possible to order directly from Tmall if you live in some international countries like the US. However, if you are unable to read or write Chinese, using Google translate can be unreliable and a massive headache. It's not the recommended approach, and shipping is often pricey too. You're also out of luck if you encounter problems with your order and need to communicate that, making a proxy preferable. 

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