Pokemon Legends Arceus Cherrim Location: Where to find & catch Cherrim

The switch to non-random encounters makes finding most Pokemon a lot easier and more satisfying in Pokemon Legends Arceus. After all, you can just look out over the world and see where they are. One such Pokemon that isn't quite so easy to locate, however, is Cherrim - and Cherubi, the Pokemon it evolves from. 

This is doubly frustrating as one of the earlier side quests in Pokemon Legends Arceus actually requires you to find and catch a bunch of Cherrim - that's Request #17, To Bloom or Not to Bloom. Even if Cherrim isn't a Pokemon you're planning to go big with on your team, you'll likely want to catch a bunch and complete its Pokedex research for this quest alone. On this page, we detail the Cherrim location across the game's maps, plus suggest some other ways to get it and max out its research.

Where to find Cherrim in Pokemon Legends Arceus


If you're desperate to get your hands on a Cherrim either for your own enjoyment or for the purposes of the To Bloom or Not to Bloom quest, you've got a few ways forward. Here's our suggestions for how to get Cherrim:

  • Evolve a Cherrim from Cherubi: Because it's an evolved form of an existing Pokemon, the first thing you can do is evolve a Cherrim from a Cherubi. Cherubi will have the option to evolve into Cherrim at Level 25, as detailed in our list of Pokemon evolve levels and methods. Although because Cherubi spawns in the same way as Cherrim, it too is quite rare - it's just slightly more common because it's a weaker, lower-end Pokemon.
  • Trawl the Cherubi Locations: Cherubi naturally spawns as one of the Pokemon that can 'drop' from shaking trees. So whenever you see a fruit tree rustling and shaking, you need to toss one of your Pokemon team at it to shake the tree, which will then make Cherubi drop clean out. This is also how Cherrim spawns; so if you're planning to grab one of those and try to evolve it, the same rules apply.

Cherubi Locations

Cherubi appears in the following locations:

  • Crimson Mirelands: Gapejaw Bog
  • Coronet Highlands: Lonely Spring, Fabled Spring, Primeval Grotto

If you're going the evolution route, Cherubi spawns in exactly the same locations, too. 

Completing Cherrim's Pokedex entry for To Bloom or Not to Bloom

Unfortunately, Request 17 doesn't just require you have a Cherrim - you also need to complete its Pokedex entry. That complicates matters, because obviously the best way to complete a Pokedex entry is to just repeatedly catch the Pokemon in different ways. That isn't very easy to do here.

However, you do have other options. The Research Tasks for Cherrim include a few based around Battle, including seeing it use Agile style moves and Petal Dance, a signature move for this Pokemon. Once you have a Cherubi, your best bet is to head to an area with weak Pokemon like the earlier parts of the Obsidian Fieldlands and simply spam this move to level up its research to complete its Pokedex entry. Unfortunately, Petal Dance isn't learned until Level 47 - so it's a late option. In general, you may be best off not focusing on completing this quest in one go. Instead, keep rustling those shaking trees as you go about your other business - and you'll eventually get there.

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