Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Outfits: Character Customization & How to Change Outfit

One of the biggest surprise changes in the latest Pokemon title is to its Character Customization system. Specifically, in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet outfits are more limited than in past games - but also in some other ways more open-ended. 

Sound confusing? Well, it is a bit of a contradiction, yes. But it'll make perfect sense once we explain - which this page does. We'll run down the entire character customization system for this game - which is very different to past titles.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Outfits: How Character Customization Works

There is a canon reason for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet outfits being restricted - they're school uniforms. Unfortunately, this means you and Neoma will always be twinning.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there's no gender-related barriers between different types of clothes and accessories. You select a trainer type at the start of the game - which basically lets you choose a body type and skin pigment - and then from there, you can wear anything the game has to offer, no restrictions. That's refreshing.

From this point on, Trainer Customization basically manifests in a handful of different ways, each of them affecting a different aspect of your experience. However, there's a big catching point here, and it's something that a lot of people are being blindsided by...

There are only four main character outfit options in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This is the same across both genders or body types of Pokemon Trainer - but you can then accessorize the Outfit with extra parts to make it your own if you wish.

Character customization is broken into several main sections, starting with the 'Uniform' - which determines the majority of your look. Sadly, you don't just have to wear the uniform when you're taking Scarlet & Violet's classes and exams - you wear it all the time. You can, however, accessorize the uniform a little.

Trainer Outfits:

Character customization in this game leaves a lot to be desired, but you can accessorize the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet outfits.

As mentioned, there are four core outfits in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - and these will broadly determine what your character looks like. These outfits, the academy school uniforms, are the same for both trainer body types, and are unlocked right from the start of the game.

The outfit colors will vary between Scarlet & Violet, as they're school uniforms and the school themed colors vary from game to game. This impacts the color of things like Pants and Ties. Otherwise, the four uniforms are identical in both games, however, and are based off the seasons:

  • Spring Uniform: Long Pants with Suspenders, and a White Shirt and Tie. 
  • Summer Uniform: Shorts and a Short-Sleeved White Shirt with a Tie.
  • Autumn Uniform: A bright puffer jacket atop the White Shirt & Tie, plus knee-length shorts.
  • Winter Uniform: A dark zip-up jacket worn over the top of the top-half of the Autumn uniform, but with full-length long pants.

You can access the menu to change outfits at any time in the game by simply pressing left on the D-Pad. Naturally, you need to be dismounted from your legendary Pokemon and not in battle. From this menu you can change any of your clothes, in fact, but it will always default open to the main 'Uniform' menu. 

Haircuts at the Sylist/Salon: 

There's a good 25 haircut options in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - you'll simply need to find a hairdressers in one of the towns of Paldea and head inside to have a haircut. As well as the hair styles, there's a similar number of colors, ranging from realistic shades to anime-bright dye.

You can pair any color with any style, though you might need to progress through the game to unlock more hair styles. You'll need to go to a salon any time you want to change your haircut - you can't do it from the menus. Fast travel to a town with a salon - Mesagoza has one of everything - to do the deed.


This is the final and arguably most important way to customize your character in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, given it's the only core way to break out of the confines of the traditional uniforms. In Boutiques found in many of the cities across Paldea, you'll find shops that specialize in various accessory items that can be equipped alongside your uniform to change your look.

Backpacks can be changed, for instance, which given how prominently it sits in your view, is a relatively big deal. Gloves will sit alongside your Uniform, as will things like Tights or Socks - though they'll be more visible in a uniform with short trousers. Here's everything that can be changed:

  • Legwear (Socks, Tights, etc)
  • Footwear
  • Gloves
  • Bags/Backpacks
  • Headwear
  • Eyewear
  • Phone Case

Each of these costs money, however - visit a store and scope out the items available, or visit our friends at Serebii to see a full item listing. Most items are available in multiple colors, and they run the gamut from cheap throwaways to expensive character customization that cost a lot of PokeDollars to afford, ideal for peacocking and showing off in co-op play.

Stock varies across the world, though you'll find one of each kind of store in Mesagoza, if you jsut want one item from each category to feel a little more custom. Once items are purchased, the store will give you the option to put it on right away - or you can access it the same way as uniforms, by tapping left on the D-Pad.

But, yes, this is it - there's no mixing and matching of skirts and shirts or pants and all that sort of thing - given you're a student at a school, you have a strict dress code, it seems. If you're looking for deeper character customization, sadly this is as deep as it goes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - but at least there's plenty of other ways you can customize your experience.

If you want additional help with some of this hugely open-ended world, we've got more help for you - including our recommended Gym Order, a Pokemon Weakness Type Chart, and solutions to the Secret Menu Item and Hide-and-Seek Gym Challenges. Plus, plenty of Pokemon catch and evolution info on our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guide hub. Check it!