Octopath Traveler 2 Secret Jobs: How to unlock all Hidden Job Classes

Octopath Traveler II is a huge game, with a heck of a lot for players to consider and explore. Just like the first game, however, one of the most enticing pieces of optional content comes in the form of four secret jobs that unlock new combat abilities and really power up your party.

In the first game, the hidden jobs were all locked behind boss battles - but in Octopath 2, that's only true for half of them. That makes some of them easier to attain - but also, in a way, more difficult. Because nothing is simple, as you'd expect. On this page, we explain all four secret jobs.

Octopath Traveler 2 Secret Jobs List & Unlocks

The Octopath Traveler 2 Secret Jobs are well worth unlocking, as they can completely transform your battle abilities.

Each of the four hidden jobs in Octopath Traveler 2 is unlocked in a slightly different way, but it essentially boils down that two are unlocked by beating powerful super-bosses, while the other two are unlocked by meeting a key NPC and then enhanced by completing a multi-step side quest. 

These powerful jobs are a must-have, and they'll even do things like make bondering of the best job combinations fairly irrelevant. You'll probably still want to think about EX Skills and the Best Party Composition for each of these jobs, however.

The unlock methods for each secret job is complicated enough that it requires its own unlock page, but we summarize each here, with links to get to the full-fat unlock guide within:

Inventor - Creations to Buff

The Inventor is basically a steampunky sort of class where you must help an industrious scientific type to create the very inventions that will then become the bedrock of the class abilities for the Inventor secret job.

Because of the nature of how the Inventor unlocks its abilities, and how long it takes for the class to really get rolling and become viable, this isn't a secret job you'll want to try to unlock early unless you're particularly canny. Despite that, you can actually unlock this hidden job from extremely early on.

To unlock it, go to the New Delstra Highroad area, which is just north-east of the New Delsta city in Brightlands. This is actually where Throne starts out, so if you choose Throne as your starting character, you can get to this job extremely early. Once you speak to the NPC in the dilapidated building, the class unlocks.

However, to make the class viable, you'll need to unlock its abilities by retrieving the materials the NPC needs to create the inventions that unlock skills. We've got a full guide on the unlocking Inventor Class Inventions & Skills should you need it.

Armsmaster - Jack of All Trades

In the style of a 'Freelancer' class, the Armsmaster secret job is the ultimate physical presence in Octopath Traveler 2, able to use every single type of physical weapon in the game. To unlock it, you simply need to go to the town of Gravell, found in the North-eastern side of the Wildlands area. 

Right in the middle of Gravell there's a building with an NPC blocking the way - a debt collector. Use a Path Action to take him out and head inside to find a master blacksmith who wants to work on 'Divine Weapons'. 

The Divine Weapons begin life as Rusty Weapons - and must be retireved from across the map and returned to the blacksmith. Once you return your first Divine Weapon the class unlocks - and then each subsequent one you return unlocks not just a super powerful weapon, but a unique Armsmaster ability when equipped.

The Divine Weapons are scattered all over Octopath Traveler 2's world, so check out our Armsmaster Rusty Weapon Locations guide for more information on where to get them all.

Arcanist - Master of Light & Dark

Think of the Arcanist as your ultimate white mage - able to cast incredibly powerful Light and Dark magic for offensive purposes, as well as a wide range of brilliant buffs and healing spells. This one is unlocked through a boss and a puzzle.

To get the process started, you'll need to get access to a ship, which is a process you can get rolling through Partitio's side quests. Once you have a ship you can manually sail, there's a whirlpool around Tropu'hapu Harbor that is actually blocking your path to another section of the ocean.

You'll have to defeat a powerful super-boss to dispel the whirlpool, then navigate to and complete a small puzzle to unlock the Arcanist. Full boss strategies and more are found in our Arcanist Job Unlock guide

Conjurer - Master of the Elements

The Conjurer is sort of your ultimate mage, but it takes a unique form. This secret job gives abilities that grant elemental-based attacks, plus has a range of other ridiculous healing and buffing abilities. 

To unlock the Conjurer, you'll need to participate in a boss rush that's only unlocked once you defeat Hikari's full storyline - then you have to head to the Kingdom of Ku and the Five-Tiered Tower, where you'll face a series of bosses. It's sort of reminiscent of Yuffie's side quest in FF7, actually.

For boss strategies, a skill list, and deeper detail, check out our full Conjurer secret job unlock guide