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Persona 5 Confidant guide: conversation choices & answers, romance options, gifts & skill unlocks

On its face, the Persona series is all about heading into some sort of alternate universe eo fight monsters, but behind that it's also all about people and relationships. Persona 5 is no different, though here rather than being social links or S-Links the bonds you form with others are known as Cooperations, and that in turn makes around you make them into your Confidants. Each Confidant in Persona 5 is tied to their own unique arm of the game's Persona-fusing system, plus they bring with them other bonuses and buffs.

If you're a Persona veteran all of this will be very familiar under the title Social Links or S-Links, and though the terminology has changed Confidants and Cooperations are fairly similar to S-Links in most ways. If you played the previous games you'll feel at home with the confidant system.

Each Confidant has their own unique and varied personality, and each of them gives you a unique insight into the world of Tokyo. In order to deepen your friendship with each Confidant you'll need to know how to act around them, what to say to them, what gifts to give them if you choose to do so - and some of them can even be romanced, if that sort of relationship is your deal. 

Each confidant has unique abilities that unlock as you progress through their story. This might be discounts in shops, bonus EXP in battles or something else entirely - it depends on the person. Raising your cooperation rank with a confidant also grants bonus EXP when creating Persona of the same arcana as the one they represent. In short, confidants and cooperations are a big deal - they're important to your phantom thievery quest. 

This page may contain minor spoilers in the form of confidant identities, so scroll on at your own peril!

Persona 5 Confidant Cooperations - Conversation Choices & Ranking Up

One major factor in Persona 5 that carries over from other games in the Persona series is the emphasis on the importance of time. You've only got a limited number of days to complete your objectives, and each day only holds time for a few actions - so you need to think very carefully about how you approach things and how you spend your time.

A significant part of that time-sink are the cooperations, as they take quite some time to rank up and there's 21 one of them (though a few are automatic). There are ways you can minimize the time spent in cooperations in order to free up more time, however.

One such way is to make sure you're saying the right thing to cooperations. Making the right choices in conversations will endear you to your confidants, thus advancing your relationship more quickly. If you don't want to guess this, we've got you covered.

Cooperation Guide: Fool, Magician & Priestess - Igor, Morgana & Makoto

On this page we detail what to say to impress (or date) Makoto, plus dates and skill upgrades for the automatically upgrading Igor and Morgana cooperations.

Cooperation Guide: Empress, Emperor & Hierophant - Haru, Yusuke, Sojiro

Party members and non-party members level up cooperations just the same - here we detail the choices and unlocks for Haru, Yusuke and Sojiro.

Cooperation Guide: Lovers, Chariot & Justice - Ann, Ryuji & Goro

If you want to date Ann or just make sure you get to know Ryuji or Goro more quickly, their conversation choices & skills are detailed here.

Cooperation Guide: Hermit, Fortune & Strength - Futaba, Chihaya & the Twin Wardens

This page covers the unlocks and conversations choices for Futaba and Chihaya, plus how to complete the required fusions to endear yourself to Caroline & Justine.

Cooperation Guide: Hanged, Death & Temperance - Iwai, Tae & Kawakami

Some of the more ominous-sounding Arcana are gathered here - here's how to impress Iwai, Tae and Kawakami, plus what they unlock.

Cooperation Guide: Devil, Tower & Star - Ichiko, Shinya & Hifumi

A pro gamer, a pro shogi player and a journalist - all with their own skill unlocks and preferred conversation answers. We've got it covered.

Cooperation Guide: Moon, Sun & Judgement - Mishima, Yoshida & Sae

The final set, learn how to further your relationship with the Phantom's closest ally and some government figures.

Persona 5: The Best Confidant Abilities

As noted above, each confidant holds access to a few abilities that relate to their character and their own skill set within the world of Persona. Some of these are more useful than others - and so here we're going to quickly run down our top five confidants you should try to meet and advance cooperations with as soon as possible in order to get access to their abilities.

Death (XIII) - Tae

Back alley Doctor Tae Takemi provides one of the most useful ability sets in the game - as her confidant cooperation goes on she'll gradually unlock greater stores of healing items for you at her clinic shop, and around the halfway point of your relationship she'll give you a dramatic discount. Her items can make dungeons much easier.

Our dedicated arcana choices guide can tell you where to find Tae and how to advance the Death cooperation with her.

Moon (XVIII) Confidant - Mishima

It's impossible to miss the confidant link for Yuuki Mishima, but his skills unlocked as you progress his story are still some of the best in the game. These skills will allow inactive members of your squad to gain EXP even when they're not fighting, plus boost the amount of EXP you gain in battle in general.

Our detailed arcana choices page will fill you in on how to rank Mishima's cooperation up quickly and what to say to him to make him happy.

Sun (XIX) Confidant - Yoshida

Politician Yoshida unlocks abilities that will significantly increase your gains from dungeons. As his cooperation progresses his abilities will allow you to get more loot from demon negotiations, make it easier for Persona to join you, and give you a chance at rarer loot from enemies.

Head to our dedicated arcana choices guide for more information on where to find and how to advance the Sun cooperation with Yoshida.

Star (XVII) Confidant - Hifumi

Hifumi Togo is a Shogi genius, and that makes her ideal to provide the know how to up your tactical choices in combat. Advancing the Star cooperation will unlock a few great combat abilities for you, culminating in the ability to swap party members when in danger and later still on the fly - massively useful.

Hifumi can't be met until a few months into the game, but our arcana choices guide has detials on how to meet her and what conversation choices to make to rank her up fast.

Temperance (XIV) - Kawakami

Temperance is a solid cooperation to advance thanks to its ability to let you slack off in school and perform other tasks in class, a valuable time-saver, but better still is the ability to get menial tasks such as laundry or coffee-brewing done for you, freeing you up to do something else with your after-school time.

The story will prod you towards (but not initiate Kawakami's cooperation, but if you want to know how to get the Temperance cooperation started and how to level it quickly, we can help.

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