Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide: Where to find the Korok Mask in the DLC

The first piece of downloadable content for one of the best games of the year is now officially out - the rather dryly named The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild expansion pass DLC one. But let's give it a snazzier name - let's call it The Trial of the Sword DLC pack. That's better, right?

In addition to The Trial of the Sword with its special challenge dungeons, this DLC pack also includes a bunch of new items for Link to use on his quest, essentially expanding your Zelda adventure in some more subtle ways with some small new features. 

Several of these new items are pieces of armor with unique features, and one is more useful than most. On this page we'll clue you in as to where you find the chest containing the Korok Mask, arguably the most useful single DLC item.

Other DLC Armor and Item Locations:


Korok Mask Location: where to find the DLC mask's treasure chest

Each DLC item in Breath of the Wild's DLC has a hint book placed out in the world that gives you a hint where to find it. For the Korok Mask, the hint book says the following:

"Some say the treasure chest containing this mask is hidden in a tree hollow in a forest that makes people lose their way."

This should make the location pretty obvious for seasoned adventurers - the treasure chest containing the Korok Mask will be found inside the Lost Woods and on the way to the Korok Forest, which is where the creatures the mask is named for live. That's North of Hyrule Castle - we've got a page on finding the Master Sword that'll help you find it. The nearest Tower is the Woodland Tower.

Once you enter the Lost Woods, keep moving on through it. Eventually you'll come to two lit pillars that are ablaze with flame and a torch. Pick up the torch and follow the embers - look at how the wind blows the embers from the flame and always follow the direction they point.

As you travel, keep looking inside the mouths of every twisted tree you pass. Eventually right there in the mouth of one tree is a chest marked with the letters 'EX' - use Magenesis to yank the chest out and inside you'll find the Korok Mask. Voila!


How to use the Korok Mask, and why it's worth using

The Korok Mask might look a little silly and its stats might be nothing to shout about, but it has a supremely useful function that we can't overstate enough: it can alert you to hiding Koroks nearby.

Every time you find a hiding Korok you'll get yourself a Korok seed, and there are over 900 of them in the game. These seeds can be traded to boost your inventory size, so they really are very useful. 

When wearing the mask, simply keep an eye on it - it'll shake whenever a Korok is hiding nearby. When it shakes, search around for the little guy to claim your seed.