Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide: Where to find the Phantom Armor DLC item

Given that we concluded that it's one of the best games we've played this year and in a long time in general, we're obviously very excited for more The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The new Trial of the Sword DLC pack adds quite a bit to the game for expansion pass owners, though the DLC is more focused on adding to Link's existing adventure rather than providing all-new ones - it appears that will be saved for the second part of the DLC expansion pass.

One major component of the Trial of the Sword DLC pack are a few new items, each designed to pay homage to a classic Zelda game while also providing a unique function when Link uses them. Most of these items are armor.

In an interesting touch, Breath of the Wild isn't so simple as to drop these items into your inventory once you have the DLC - in true Zelda style, you have to go and find them. On this page we're going to tell you where to find one of the coolest-looking additions to the game: The Phantom Armor, inspired by the gear worn by the bulky Phantom Knights in the Wind Waker trilogy of the Zelda lore. 

Other DLC Armor and Item Locations:


Phantom Armor Location: where to grab Breath of the Wild's Wind Waker tribute armor from its chest

All of the newly-added DLC items in Breasth of the Wild's Trial of the Sword DLC have hint books placed into the world that'll help you to find them. For the Phantom Armor, the hint book says this:

"Armor worn by fierce phantoms, feared even by heroes, is hidden in the ruins of Hyrule Field.

  • Find these pieces at a battleground where brave souls tested their skill...
  • at ceremonial grounds where royal guards are honored...
  • and at the ruins where the soldiers of Hyrule gathered."

All of these locations should be fairly obvious to you if you've played a lot of Breath of the Wild, but if you haven't, we'll make it easy. There are three pieces to this armor set, so you'll want to grab all three - and they're in three different locations, thus how we split the hint up into handy bullet points.

Once you have the full set of the Phantom Armor, wearing it all as one set will give you a significant boost to your attack power.


Phantom Helmet Location

The Phantom Helmet piece of the gear is found in the Coliseum Ruins. The Coliseum can be found to the East of the Outskirt Stable on the bottom left of the Central Hyrule area - or almost directly south of the Central Tower that stands on the Western side of Central Hyrule Hyrule Field. It's a big circular building, you can't miss it.

There are powerful enemies here, but against the North-West corner on the ground floor you'll find a chest marked with EX in the ground. This contains the Phantom Helmet. The general area can be seen on the map screenshot above.


Phantom Armor Chestpiece Location

The chest piece for the Phantom Armor is found in the Sacred Ground Ruins. This one is easy - if you found all of the recovered memories through the main story, this is the same location where you found one of the first memories. Use Magnesis to yank the treasure chest that's marked with the letters 'EX' out of the water.

The general location of the Scared Ground Ruins is just south of Hyrule Castle, just outside castle town, as shown on the map above. Be careful around here - this area is crawling with guardians that can kill you in a snap. Equip anti-guardian armor if you have it.


Phantom Greaves Location

The Phantom Greaves complete the armor set, and they can be found in the Hyrule Garrison Ruins - where soldiers used to congregate. This is actually just north of the Coliseum Ruins and in the shadow of the Central Tower that's in the West of Central Hyrule. It's an area of ruined buildings - unlike the other two, it's not a particularly special landmark.

Some soldiers seemingly got lucky, as there's a dead guardian here. The treasure chest marked EX is buried in the ground next to a dead Guardian - use your Magnesis power to pull it out of the ground and you've got a complete outfit!