Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide: Finding Tingle's Fairy Outfit in the DLC

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might be one of the best games of the last decade, but it's now getting a little bit better thanks to the release of the first DLC for the game. This adventure was massive to begin with, but it just got a little big bigger with the addition of the Trial of the Sword, Master Mode and other useful new wrinkles to Link's quest.

Also added in this first DLC pack as part of the game's expansion pass are a few all-new items. Most of these items pay tribute to some Zelda game or another while also providing you with some new gear that'll be useful either genuinely or in a fanservice sort of way. Just how they're useful honestly depends on the item.

Several of these items are new armor. Breath of the Wild doesn't just give you these items once you own the expansion pass and download the DLC, though - oh no. They're made into part of the adventure. You have to find them, out in the world, stashed away in treasure chests marked with 'EX'. Here, we detail how to get the necessary items to dress Link up as a thirty-five year old man who thinks he's a fairy. Go on, then.

Other DLC and Item Locations:


Tingle's Outfit Location: where to find the treasure chest containing the Tingle's Outfit armor in Breath of the Wild's DLC

Ah, Tingle. When he first made his debut as the map maker man in Majora's Mask he was a quirky addition to the Zelda universe, but after appearances in a number of other games including The Wind Waker he's a beloved part of Zelda lore. Now he appears in Breath of the Wild via his 'iconic' outfit, which Link can now wear - if you can find it.

Each new item in the Trial of the Sword DLC has its location hinted at in hint books that have been added to the world. For Tingle's Outfit, this is what the hint book says...

"The green garments of the man who wished to be a fairy are hidden in the ruins of Hyrule Field.

  • Find these pieces at the ruins where trade flourished...
  • at the ruins where sinners were imprisoned...
  • and at the village ruins next to farmland where many people once gathered."

As the hint suggests, all of these items are found in the general Hyrule Field area, near enough to Central Hyrule. As such, prepare yourself for a lot of Guardians as you ferret around - you might want to throw on some Guardian resistant armor if you've got it.

When you have the complete Tingle's Outfit armor set and wear it all together, you'll get a bonus to your movement speed at night. Why Tingle is associated with this ominous skill we don't quite know...


Tingle's Hood Location

The headgear for this armor set, Tingle's Hood, can be found quite close to where two of the pieces of the Phantom Armor DLC armor set are also found. Another word for trade is exchange, and there are some ruins near to the Coliseum, Lake Kolomo and Hyrule Garrison Ruins that are called Exchange Ruins. So it follows...

At the Exchange Ruins (the nearest tower is Hyrule Field's Central Tower - it's south of that as shown on the image above) you'll find the chest buried in the ground. Use Magnesis to pull it out of the ground.


Tingle's Shirt Location

Tingle's Shirt is found in a particularly dangerous location - Hyrule Castle Town Prison. What poor Tingle was doing there and how he lost his shirt on the way we dare not imagine...

There are guardians everywhere here, so consider yourself warned. To the west of Hyrule Castle Moat there's a small island with a road curving through it - on the side of the road closest to the castle are the ruins of the castle town prison. The ches tis buried in the ground here, and you'll need to use Magnesis to retrieve it.


Tingle's Tights Location

The final piece of Tingle's Outfit is found in the Mabe Village Ruins - that's near the Ranch Ruins and Mabe Prairie just to the South-East of Hyrule Castle town and the Sacred Ground Ruins where you find a piece of Phantom Armor and one of the Recovered Memories.

This one is a bit better hidden - find the dead Guardian that's half in some water. The chest is underneath the Guardian in the water. Use Magnesis to yank the chest and it'll flip the Guardian over, giving you access to the treasure chest containing these majestic tights.