Zelda: Breath of the Wild Xenoblade 2 quest guide: find the shooting stars to get the Salvager armor

If you feel like getting a little bit of Xenoblade 2 in your Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we've got some welcome news for you: now you can dress Link up like he's from the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in Breath of the Wild thanks to a new cross-promotional quest added to the game via a patch. Score, and all that.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is still a month away, but you can get a little of the game early as of today as Nintendo tries to push Zelda fans towards tryigng out Monolith's massive new RPG. The push comes in the form of a new quest - make sure your copy of Zelda is patched up-to-date and then boot the game - you'll find a new quest titled [Xenoblade 2] waiting for you. Completing the quest can net you three new pieces of armor that make up the Salvager Armor set. 


Each piece of the armor set improves your swimming speed, while equipping it all at once, as above, will give you a major boost to your swim speed. This is actually a deceptively useful skill and is only replicated in the main game with the story-connected Zora Armor, so it's a very useful little free addition indeed.

Other Breath of the Wild DLC Armor and Item Locations:

How to complete the Xenoblade 2 quest in Breath of the Wild

The quest is pretty simple: you're given cryptic clues as to places in Hyrule to search. When you reach those places you need to turn your eyes to the skies at night, and if you're in the right position you'll see a shooting star fly across the sky. It glows red, makes a sort of technology-sounding noise that feels rather Xenoblade appropriate and then slams into the ground nearby. This will only happen at night, between around 9:30pm and 4am in-game time.

If you then track down where the star fell you'll find a glowing red chest containing a piece of the Xenoblade armor - but you won't be able to find it without watching the star fall, and triggering the star falling is tied to locating the places the quest text teases. These are the hints:

  • The southern sky from the middle of the largest bridge
  • The eastern sky from the skull’s left eye
  • The southeastern sky from the peak of the tall, pierced snowy mountain

Got it? Well, if you're a bit stuck, we're now going to reveal the locations. Spoilers below, but if you just want the armor, this'll be easier...

The southern sky from the middle of the largest bridge - the Salvager Headgear


For this one you'll want to find the largest bridge in Hyrule, and that's the Bridge Hylia - the very famous Zelda bridge that really gained a claim to fame during Twilight Princess. It crosses Lake Hylia, and that's just to the south of Hyrule Field, slap bang in the middle of the enormous map of Hyrule you find in Breath of the Wild.


The neatest shrine is the Ya Naga shrine in Lake Hylia, and you can also comfortably drift to the middle of the bridge from the Lake Tower. Once you get to the middle of the bridge where the fountain is, look south - eventually the star will drop as long as it's the right time of day. Head to the location where it lands to find a chest containing the Salvager Headgear.

The eastern sky from the skull’s left eye - the Salvager Vest


There's an area of Hyrule called Skull Lake, not-so-cleverly named as such by the people of Hyrule because, well, it looks a bit like a skull. Skull Lake is found right next to Death Mountain (ominous names stick together) in the north-eastern part of the map. If you look above Death Mountain and to the right you'll see it right away, nestled in the Akkala Wilds near Tempest Gulch and the Rok Woods.


The nearest shrine isn't so much near as much as it is your destination - atop the right-hand eye of skull lake's titular feature is the Zuna Kai Shrine. You'll want to be standing on the entrance platform/fast travel point of this shrine in order to see shooting star. Look out towrds the east from here (right out of the skull's right eye) and you'll see the star. Chase it down and you'll get the Salvager Vest from the chest.

The southeastern sky from the peak of the tall, pierced snowy mountain - the Salvager Trousers


You can't go outside without trousers, and so the final part of this quest is to track those down, too. This is the hardest to reach, and the snowy mountain the game wants is Mount Hebra, found to the North-West of Hyrule, right up in the corner. The main thrust of Breath of the Wild doesn't really bring you to this area, so you might not have explored it much - see the location on the map above.


The nearest shrine is the Goma Asaagh Shrine, found in the foot of the uppermost part of the mountain. You'll still have a climb from here, and atop the mountain peak you'll find a Korok hiding under a stone. This is how you know you've got the right place. Look to the south-east, towards Hyrule Castle, to see the shooting star. Inside the chest that drops you'll find the final piece, the Salvager Trousers. There! Now Link looks like a Xenoblade character. Cosplay! Sorted. Done. Seeya.