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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Snow-White Rhino Location for the Young Man's Prize Side Quest

Like any good RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is full of side quests for you to tackle, each with some handy little rewards that'll help you in your main epic quest across the world of Alrest. These sidequests vary in terms of how in-depth and involved they are, and there are a number that feature sometimes frustrating fetch quest activities. One such quest is the Young Man's Prize sidequest - and that tasks you with tracking down a Snow-White Rhino.

The A Young Man's Prize quest can be picked up in the Grodd Residential Zone in the Gormott area of the game. Look in that area for an NPC named Eluned - he's a young chap wearing green pants and a sort of light-brown shirt. He wants you find a Snow-White Rhino - but that's not a rhino at all but rather is a beetle, but a particularly rare one.

That makes it small, and to make matters worse this beetle only appears under certain conditions and in certain places. Thus this quest can be a bit of a pain - but with our help, we can sort out Eluned's request and get ourselves some nice rewards. Let's get to it:

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Where to find the Snow-White Rhino in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade 2's Snow-White Rhino is one of the more frustratingly elusive side-quest items you'll need to track down, but the Young Man's Prize sidequest has some decent rewards that are worth your time. The Snow-White Rhino beetle can be found in the Gormott Province in the Western area of the map, near Seigle Fell. There's a salvage point right near here, too.

If you look around you'll notice that there's a tiny landmass off to the West of the rest of the main area of Gormott Province. It's separated from the rest of the map. If you rest at the inn and raise the cloud sea level you'll eventually be able to jump down and 'swim' across there on the clouds. Do that, and you'll find yourself on this unique little island. This is where the Snow-White Rhink is found.

But wait! We're not quite done yet. The beetle is picky, and only appears at the break of dawn. You'll want to use the change time feature in the menu and set the time to 05:00am, and at that point you'll find the Snow-White Rhino beetle spawns right in the middle of the island. It takes the form not of a beetle, nor a rhink, but of a little red sack. Pick it up and return it to Eluned.

When you hand Eluned the beetle he'll excitedly run off with it without giving you a reward, but you can find him again after this around the Garagorm's Arch landmark. Chat to him again and he'll thank you for finding the Snow-White Rhino beetle and hand over your rewwards: 500 gold, 480 EXP, 49 SP and a Fabulous Hat item. Neat - quest complete.


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