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Ni no Kuni II Trial of Knowledge Guide: How to get blue orbs in the Kingmaker Trials

A short time into Evan's journey in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom we encounter The Kingmaker's Trials, each also known individually as a Trial of Knowledge. I won’t spoil what this is about in the context of the story, but you should be aware of their significance comes at a certain point in Chapter 2. In these falling walkway statue puzzles, you are meant to pay attention to the colored text of the story as it tells you the order in which the statues must be activated in order to advance.

There will also be moments where you need to turn the statue to fit the context of the story (“x was facing y”). Along the way, there will be blue balls containing items that you can pick up if you so desire, which we’ll explain how to do so in this guide. Of course, you can skip all this by using the gold orb near the start of the trial if you don’t care about these items, but that’s not the point - loot can be useful, and so we're going to guide you to grab the blue orbs in the Kingmaker's Trials.

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Trial of Knowledge #1

We are going to do all of these statue puzzles by keeping the camera pointed to the north to provide optimum directions. Start by walking to the left, keeping to the farthest out panel to get to the Blue Statue on the far left. Step on the panel in front of it to trigger the story. Now go two steps to the right, going in the opposite direction the blue statue is facing. Head north, picking up the blue orb (ignore the one three panels away from the blue statue as we’ll pick that up in a moment), and run on these top tiles to the right to pass by the red statue’s trigger panel. Afterward, go one more panel to the right, then head south alongside the statue.

Run towards the wheel in front of you (to the south) and turn the statue twice to rotate it 180 degrees. Move back to the safe panel between the red and orange statues. Head towards the blue orb we mentioned before to the left, then run on the outside panels until you get to the orange trigger panel.

Keep running along the outside to the north. Grab the final blue orb in the northeast corner, then read the book next to you to complete the trial. Congratulations, but we’re not over yet!

Trial of Knowledge #2

There’s only so many different ways for me to phrase these directions for this statue puzzle, but please pay attention to my directions. Once again, start by heading left towards the pink statue closest to the start of the area, grabbing the blue orb. Now, keep running along the outside until you pass by the green statue near the top corner. Hug the gap to the right to activate the purple statue. Run towards the wheel nearby and turn it twice to make the red statue rotate 180 degrees.

From here, run south along the outside and grab the blue orb. Turn the nearby wheel twice to make the blue statue face towards the opposite direction. Run along the outside of the statue heading north and around south to activate the panel, then finish off the room by reading the book to the south. Voila - that was easier than the last one!

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Trial of Knowledge #3

This statue puzzle starts just a little different here and there are a lot of steps involved, so we'll take it slow.

Since the first statue mentioned in the story is the purple one, we head right. But first, head towards the red wheel in front of you. This wheel moves the dragon statue itself. As you can see, this also creates a bridge of sorts to the western side of the puzzle, which is important because we lost the panels to take us back to the starting area. Keep in mind there are wheels on all four sides of the dragon to get it to rotate the way we want it to.

Now, run around the outside of the purple statue to the east to activate it. Run back to the dragon statue and cross the “bridge” to the other side. Stay to the outside of the puzzle (the southern edge) as you move towards the wheel to the left. Rotate it three times to have the green statue face the far left tower on the southwest corner. From there, run straight north along the left side, leaving the right side available so you can once again use the makeshift “bridge” created by the dragon.

As you cross the "bridge", ignore the blue orb to the west and the one to the south - we’ll come back for those. Instead, after you get to the safe tile and while you're facing north, cross the falling panel on the right to move from one safe panel to the next. Move along the left side of the gap to the north towards the wheel in front of the three statues. Turn the wheel three times to rotate the pink statue to face the red one. Run right along the outside of the statues, heading up and around to activate the statues using the trigger panel that sits between them and the tower.

Continue in this same direction to the west, running along the outside to grab the blue orb halfway down the puzzle. Keep heading due south along the outer edge all the way to the tower. At this point, cross to the safe panel to pick up the other blue orb. Go north once more and run towards the wheel to the north of the dragon to rotate it around, creating yet another bridge. As you cross the bridge, hug the gap around the dragon to head south and grab the other orb.

Move north along the outside of the puzzle to get to the wheel near the orange statue. Turn the wheel twice to make the orange statue face the last remaining tower, and run over the trigger panel nearby to activate it. Follow the last remaining path to get to the wheel in front of the blue statue. Turn it twice to rotate the dragon so it faces the blue statue - the boy. Run along the outside and activate the statue. Move towards the book to the north and read it to end the trial. That’s all she wrote for the Trials of Knowledge!

I hope you found this guide helpful even with all the directions. For you visual-spatial learners out there, I also posted videos of the path you should take so you can just pay attention to what I do. If there are any other guides you would like for us to share, please share them in the comments below!

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