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Pokemon Quest Ingredient Farming Locations - where to best find and farm every ingredient

Cooking is one of the driving forces in the latest mobile Pokemon offering Pokemon Quest, and while knowing the Pokemon Quest recipes will help you to catch them all, you also need to know where to find the various ingredients you need.

On this page, we're going to run down all of the Pokemon Quest Ingredients and where you should go to farm lots of them. 

Being able to effectively farm Pokemon Quest ingredients is vital - it'll let you cook more recipes, which in turn lets you catch better and higher level Pokemon. This, alongside Pokemon Evolution, will help you to fill out your Pokedex and get your hands on Pokemon with more powerful picks from the Pokemon Quest move list. Once you've stacked up with ingredients, you should consider getting more cooking pots so you can use them more efficiently. Anyway, let's get to it...

Pokemon Quest Ingredient Farming: the best levels for farming all cooking materials

Before we get going on listing the best places for ingredient farming in Pokemon Quest, you should first understand that what ingredients spawn based on their color. As such, we'll be listing what color ingredients spawn on what stage, and how often.

This'll help you to farm effectively - but before we get into that, here's the ingredient colors, in case you're unsure:

  • Apricorns: yellow
  • Balm Mushrooms: grey
  • Big Roots: red
  • Bluk Berries: blue
  • Fossils: grey
  • Honey: yellow
  • Icy Rocks: blue
  • Tiny Mushrooms: red

World 1 - The First Steppes: Ingredient Farming & Drop List

  • Expect Red cooking ingredients (Big Root, Tiny Mushrooms). A solid early-game Red ingredient farming area.
  • You'll also see some Blue (Bluk Berry, Icy Rocks) drops.
  • Don't expect Yellow or Grey ingredients.

World 2 - Gloomy Grove: Ingredient Farming & Drop List

  • Yellow (Honey, Apricorn) cooking ingredient drops. Good for early Yellow farming.
  • Also drops Grey (Fossil, Balm Mushroom) ingredients.
  • Don't expect Red or Blue ingredients.

World 3 - Backforth Brook: Ingredient Farming & Drop List

  • Blue (Bluk Berry, Icy Rocks) ingredients drop in abundance here, at least for the early game.
  • Yellow (Honey, Apricorn) ingredients also drop, but less frequently.
  • You won't see many Red or Grey drops, however.

World 4 - Parched Peak: Ingredient Farming & Drop List

  • Grey ingredients (Fossil, Balm Mushroom) drop frequently here. Good for early-game Grey farming. 
  • Red ingredients (Big Root, Tiny Mushrooms) can also be found here.
  • Yellow and Blue drops are rare here.

World 5 - Belly Button Cave: Ingredient Farming & Drop List

  • Blue (Bluk Berry, Icy Rocks) ingredients drop often here.
  • Grey ingredients (Fossil, Balm Mushroom) can also be grabbed here.
  • Not so good for Red or Yellow ingredients.

World 6 - Pincushion Plain: Ingredient Farming & Drop List

  • Yellow (Honey, Apricorn) cooking ingredients drop here. A great world for Yellow farming.
  • Red (Big Root, Tiny Mushrooms) materials can also be found here.
  • Don't expect to see much Blue or Grey.

World 7 - Miasma Moor: Ingredient Farming & Drop List

  • Yellow (Honey, Apricorn) ingredients are the most common - another excellent level for Yellow ingredient farming.
  • Blue (Bluk Berry, Icy Rocks) and Grey (Fossil, Balm Mushroom) materials will also drop, though less frequently.
  • Red ingredients don't drop here so often, though.

World 8 - Hushed Highlands: Ingredient Farming & Drop List

  • Blue ingredients (Bluk Berry, Icy Rocks) drop most frequently here, and this is the best world for reliable blue ingredients.
  • Red (Big Root, Tiny Mushrooms) and Yellow (Honey, Apricorn) cooking materials also appear here, however.
  • Grey will be absent, mind.

World 9 - Nighlight Nook: Ingredient Farming & Drop List

  • Red ingredients (Big Root, Tiny Mushrooms) are most common here. The best world for Red farming.
  • Grey (Fossil, Balm Mushroom) and Yellow (Honey, Apricorn) ingredients also show up.
  • Blue will be mostly absent.

World 10 - Farside Fjord: Ingredient Farming & Drop List

  • Expect Grey (Fossil, Balm Mushroom) cooking ingredients - the best place in the game for Grey ingredients.
  • Blue (Bluk Berry, Icy Rocks) and Red (Big Root, Tiny Mushrooms) ingredients also show up here.
  • But don't expect Yellow.

World 11, Legend, doesn't feature drops.

World 12 - Happenstance Island: Mystical Shell and other Ingredient Farming & Drop List

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