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Pokemon Quest: How to get more Cooking Pots

The latest Pokemon spin-off on Nintendo Switch and mobile via Android and iOS is a little different - in Pokemon Quest rather than catching Pokemon you're attracting them through cooking, and for that you need cooking pots - and lots of them. On this page we're going to detail how to get more pots - but tha answer might not be what you want to hear, sadly.

More cooking pots just means you can make everything in Pokemon Quest happen that little bit more quickly. In order to recruit Pokemon you'll want to be cooking some of the Pokemon Quest stews and recipes, but you can only cook one dish at a time in cooking pots - and each dish takes time to complete.

As such, having more cooking pots is very useful indeed, as it can expedite the whole process. But as we said, well, there's some bad news...

How to get more Pots in Pokemon Quest for more cooking

So - here's where Pokemon Quest, a free-to-play spin-off, gets a little bit cheeky. As we said earlier on - there is a way to get more cooking pots in Pokemon Quest, but there's a catch - it requires you open up your wallet and spend some real money. Yep. That's the catch.

So, yes - if you want more pots, you can't get it through progression or naturally playing. The only way is to open up your heart and your wallet to Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. 

To get more cooking pots in Pokemon Quest, boot the game and click the Poke Mart icon in the top right of the screen. Then click the Additional Content icon. This'll allow you to use the funds on your account of choice (iOS App Store, Google Play or Nintendo eShop) to buy a few additional items with real-world cash - and these include new Cooking Pots to fill in those extra three cooking pot slots in your camp.

Specifically, you'll see three Expedition Packs. These come in as the Expedition Pack ($4.99), the Great Expedition Pack ($9.99) and the Ultra Expedition Pack - or all three in a bundle for $29.99, netting you a little saving.

Each one of these Expedition Packs includes more cooking pots for you to use in recruiting Pokemon. It's not all about getting more pots, mind - you'll also get PM Tickets, Unique Decorations and some bonus Pokemon who have special moves as you can find on our Pokemon Quest Move List.

Cooking is how you attract Pokemon, and cooking and Evolving Pokemon in Pokemon Quest is how you'll fill out your Pokedex - so the extra pots are very helpful, which is probably why they've been placed behind a paywall. It's especially useful in the late-game, when you're farming stews in an attempt to get rare Pokemon and legendary Pokemon to visit.

If you choose to lay down the real-world cash, remember to check our our guides on Ingredient Farming and check out our Pokemon Quest Recipes and Stew List for a complete list of what you can cook and what Pokemon types it'll let you recruit.

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