Trials of Mana Post Game: Black Rabite Location, Anise Rewards, and New Game Plus explained

So you've saved the world and stopped a looming threat. If you were playing the original Seiken Densetsu 3, you'd be done with the game, but the Trials of Mana remake offers a few extra challenges to take on after the main game is completed. You'll also get access to a new 4th class, bringing your party to its ultimate level.

Here we describe the Black Rabite, Anise the Witch, and New Game Plus.

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Black Rabite - The highest-level enemy in the game and its location

Black Rabite was a super enemy found in the original Seiken Densetsu 3, and of course, it makes a return in the remake. While Black Rabite was only found in Angela or Duran's storyline in the original game, now all characters can take it on in the remake, so no sweat whoever you picked as your main.

In order to find Black Rabite, you first need to have cleared your character's final dungeons. The last two dungeon areas will change depending on who your main character is, but you'll know when you have cleared it as you'll soon be headed back to the Sanctuary of Mana to take out a new foe. At this point, you can return to the beginning of the final dungeon area, and you'll see a new Rabite statue near the landing points. Go to the beginning of Cave of Darkness for Riesz or Hawkeye, the Jungle of Illusions for Kevin or Charlotte, or the Crystal Desert for Angela or Duran. Check out the Rabite statue, and you'll warp to near the Black Rabite. Save your game!

While you can take on Black Rabite before you finish the main game in Trials of Mana, it doesn't go anywhere for post-game, and it's the highest level enemy in the game, including the post-game boss. You might as well hold off on battling it until you reach the post-game and unlock the 4th tier class for all your characters, else you are just handicapping yourself. You might as well save it for last, honestly.

If you manage to beat Black Rabite, you get the Obsidian Power Chain Ability. This ability is nuts: 0 MP needed for any move in battle. Give it to Angela and never worry about MP again.


Anise the Witch - The post-game boss and Rewards for beating her

New to Trials of Mana is a post-game storyline featuring a familiar face if you are a series' veteran. Once you've obtained the 4th tier class, you'll end up in Anise's Stockade, the long post-game dungeon. Anise the Witch is the game's post-game boss waiting for you at the end.

If you are not familiar with the Mana series, Anise is actually a call back to both Dawn of Mana and Heroes of Mana. The Mana series timeline is not especially well-defined, but generally speaking, both those titles are thought to take place before Trials of Mana. Anise is a witch who has similar characteristics to the Goddess of Mana, and states a goal to open a portal to the dark world Mavolia. She generally acts as a recurring threat that needs to be put in her place every so often.

Trials of Mana Anise Rewards

In any case, once you take out Anise, you aren't quite done yet. There are actually three rewards you can get for taking out Anise in three different time-attack challenges. You can only do these one at a time, but they are worth it as you get some neat rewards for doing so. The challenge battles and Anise rewards are as follows:.

  • Beat Anise again (six minutes, Normal)
    • Chaos Protection - Anise Chain Ability: Add 100% to all allies' CS when battle starts.
  • Beat Anise again (four minutes, Hard)
    • Dark Power - Anice Chain Ability: Recover 100% of all allies' HP when battle starts.
  • Beat Anise again (two minutes, Hard)
    • Mana Miracle  - Kindred Spirits Chain Ability: Keep the items when using an item in battle.

Trials of Mana New Game Plus

Once you've taken out Black Rabite and Anise's challenges, you've effectively done everything you can in Trials of Mana. However, you still have three more characters left to play. Luckily, a replay is easy due to the game's New Game Plus feature.

In Trials of Mana's New Game +, you will carry over Levels, Money (Lucre), Chain Abilities, Lil Cactus sightings/rewards, map information, Equipment, and Items. However, your characters, if you choose to reuse them rather than a new one, will reset back to their starting class. Somewhat disappointingly, you can't even pick the outfits you've used before, you'll have to change your class in a new file to get it.

Additionally, when you start New Game Plus, you'll get a new Chain Ability - Love of Mana. This ability is a pure 300% EXP boost, so you'll hit the level cap in no time. You'll also get a chain ability for each of the six characters that have already completed a game file. These abilities give a raw stat boost to a given stat when equipped.

  • Duran: Spirit Bond - Base HP increased by 200.
  • Angela: Passion Bond - Base magic attack increased by 50.
  • Riesz: Spirit Bond - Base defense increased by 50.
  • Kevin: Instinct Bond - Base attack increased by 50.
  • Charlotte: Sincere Bond - Base magic defense increased by 50.
  • Hawkeye: Fellow Bond - Base luck increased by 50.