Persona 4 Golden Gardening: all seedlings, items and other garden tips

A new feature for Persona 4 Golden, Gardening is yet another way you can spend your days in order to grind out rewards - and like most things in Persona 4, if you know what you're doing you can save a little time and get better results.

Making use of the little Garden on the Dojima residence might seem like a wasteful way to spend time, but it genuinely has some useful outcomes if you dedicate yourself to it. 


Gardening has a few benefits in P4G:

  • First of all, the general acts you'll have to do as part of gardening will improve your relationship for two key Persona 4 Social Links - the Nanko s-link and the Dojima s-link.
  • Gardening also yields bonus gains to your Diligence social stat.
  • Astonishingly, the stuff you grow here can't be used to make Boxed Lunches. Boo! 
  • Finally, the items you harvest from seeds planted are actual items you can then use in dungeons. Some of these items are powerful and exclusive to Gardening.

If you plan well, you can maintain the garden as a way to advance the Nanako social link in between the rank-up events. This makes it far more economical.

On top of that, there's a book about Gardening you can read that speeds up the process for growing each plant. This book, Home Gardening, first unlocks on 7/15 and will be for sale at the book store for 1500 Yen, as listed on our full Persona 4 Golden Book list.

Persona 4 Golden Gardening: Seed List, Locations, Unlocks and Growing Requirements

In order to begin gardening, you can buy Seedling Items from two NPCs: a woman at Junes and a woman who appears near the outside of Dojima's house.

Once you have some seeds, you can plant them at home and tend to your plants as they grow if you so wish. Tending to and maintaining the garden and its plants before fully grown will take up time, but will prevent the crop from rotting and boost your relationship with Nanako. The better tended to a plant is, the more it gives back, too.. 

Plants will take by default between 5 and 10 days to grow, depending on what you pick, and once fully grown you'll be able to harvest an item for use. 

Here's all of the seeds and plants that grow from them in P4G:

  • Tomato Seedling
    • Unlocks 5/22. Costs 500 Yen
    • 5 Day Growth Time
    • Item Yield: 3x Tiny Soul Tomato (SP restorative)
  • Daikon Seedling
    • Unlocks 5/22. Costs 500 Yen
    • 5 Day Growth Time
    • Item Yield: 3x Return Daikon (Goho-M equivilant)
  • Wheat Seedling
    • Unlocks 6/5. Costs 1000 Yen
    • 6 Day Growth Time
    • Item Yield: 2x Cracked Wheat (Chest Key equivilant)
  • Cabbage Seedling
    • Unlocks 6/5. Costs 1800 yen
    • 5 Day Growth Time
    • Item Yield: 2x Hiranya Cabbage (Aliment Heal Item)
  • Paprika Seedling
    • Unlocks 6/25. Costs 2300 Yen
    • 7 Day Growth Time
    • Item Yield: Red, White, Blue & Green Paprika (temporary elemental resistance items)
  • Eggplant Seedling
    • Unlocks 6/24. Costs 3000 Yen
    • 9 Day Growth Time
    • Item Yield: Scapegoat Eggplant (blocks instant death magic)
  • Corn Seedling
    • Unlocks 6/25. Costs 2300 Yen
    • 8 Day Growth Time
    • Item Yield: Tetracorn & Makaracorn (temporary physical/magical attack deflection items)
  • Melon Seedling
    • Unlocks 8/14. Costs 5000 Yen
    • 10 Day Growth Time
    • Item Yield: Bead Melon (full HP & SP restoration item)