New Shin Megami Tensei V footage details Tao, Yuzuru, Ichiro, Miyazu, Hayao, and Magatsuhi Skills

Atlus has released new footage and information for Shin Megami Tensei V, detailing the characters and combat elements seen in the recently released trailer.

The footage was released on the Japanese Atlus YouTube channel, but supports English subtitles through the closed-captioning settings. You can check out the video below, alongside a transcription of the details.

Shin Megami Tensei V is set to release for Nintendo Switch on November 12 worldwide. For more, you can check out:

Shin Megami Tensei V Characters

Tao Isonokami


"So how about we all walk home together?"
"I've had spiritual powers ever since I was little. Everyone at Bethel calls me the Saint."
"I've just been having these weird dreams lately."
"I keep hearing this distance boice. Like Someone faraway's calling out to me."

The protagonist's classmate. A third-year student who is a member of the lacrosse club. She's caring and kind-hearted. She's had a sixth sense since she was a little. She assists Bethel's Japanese branch, and supports the protagonist and his friends when they join Bethel.

Yuzuru Atsuta


"Hey, you heading back alone? You should walk with us."
"We're the only family we've got. I don't think it's strange to look out for my little sister."
"What could have possibly happened to Tokyo while we were in that tunnel?"

A friend of the protagonist who is responsible, capable, and assertive. He is a principled and upright young man, and fights alongside Bethel in a provisional unit to protect his sister Miyazu. By wandering into Da'at alongside the protagonist, he obtains further abilities, and newly swears to protect the peace of Tokyo.

Ichiro Dazai


"All right, so word on the street is a bunch of monsters have been seen hanging around this tunnel!"
"Yow! Sheesh, ceiling's pretty low... Pretty dark in here, too. Looks dangerous."
"Look, I'm borderline useless at school... And I'm always making trouble for other people."
"But even a guy like me wants to be someone people can turn to!"

The protagonist's classmate. A cheerful guy, though he can be gauche at times. While livestreaming, he, too, becomes involved in the Takanawa Tunnel collapsing incident and wanders into Da'at. He embraces Bethel's call to action and swears to fight the demons, hoping to prove his worth for a noble cause.

Miyazu Atsuta


"Oh, um, hi there."
"Uh, would you mind checking up on my brother?"
"I know he's always looking after me, but... I get worried about him, too."

Yuzuru's little sister and only living family member. Shy and reserved, she's often seen visiting the nurse's office. When Jouin High School is assaulted by demons, she too, is caught up in the chaos.

Hayao Koshimizu


"My name is Koshimizu. I'm in charge here in addition to being Japan's Prime Minister."
"Apologies for dragging you into this."
"Thank you. I admire your courage."

Japan's prime minister and Bethel's main representative of the Japanese branch. Calm, collected, and strategic, he offers the demon summoning program to Ichiro and friends, asking them to assist Bethel.

Shin Megami Tensei V Story Brief

The protagonist obtains newfound, supernatural powers after wandering into Da'at. Upon safely returning to Tokyo, he joins Bethel, an elite organization devoted to fighting demons, and swears to protect Tokyo, along with his classmates. However, a band of demons suddenly attacks their academy. Will the protagonist and his friends be able to protect other students? And what is the motive behind the legendary demon that awakens in Da'at, the "other" Tokyo?

Battle Feature: Magatsuhi Skills

During Press Turn Battles, your actions will gradually fill up the Magatsuhi Gauge. Once full, you can activate special moves called Magatsuhi Skills. These can unleash powerful attacks dealing massive damage, as well as various support and healing skills. However, enemies can utilize the too, so beware. By strategically using these skills to your advantage, you're sure to enjoy an even wider range of tactical gameplay.

New Demons

The demons page on the official website has also updated with a few new creatures to be found in SMT V - a demon dog named Hayatoro and a Manananggal.

New Demons