Dragon Quest X Offline delayed to Summer 2022 in Japan; Elves, Eltona, original content, and Spell of Restoration detailed

Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest X Offline has been delayed in Japan from its original February 26 release date. It is now set to launch in Summer 2022 in the region.

Square Enix has also released more information regarding Elves and their home continent of Eltona, as well as information regarding guest characters, original content not in the online version, and the Spell of Restoration.

All the information can be found below, courtesy of Gematsu for the translations [1, 2], with screenshots in the gallery.

Dragon Quest X Offline is set to release in Summer 2022 in Japan for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). A large DLC expansion based on Version 2 of the MMORPG -  Sleeping Hero and Guiding Alliance - is planned to launch later in 2022. An English localization has not been announced. For more information on the game, you can check out:



For this update, we will introduce Eltona, one of the continents of Astoltia, covering its topography, governing race (Elves), and the characters you will encounter.



Due to its warmth and frequent rain, there are many areas rich in nature and inhabited by various plants and animals, but in the western part of the continent, there is also a cursed land covered entirely by a demonic miasma. In the northern part of the continent, there is a world tree that has been growing for over 500 years.

  • There is a wealth of water sources, as well as many thick forests and wetlands.
  • The world tree that towers above the Eternal Forest is an important part of the Elves’ lives.
  • On the cursed land stands a great tree, which is dyed black by the demonic miasma.



A race with pointed ears, translucent wings, and respect for nature. They have a strong desire to understand the world, and have passed down vast knowledge and various technologies from generation to generation.

  • For Elves, even teaching is a learning experience. Their inquisitiveness is never-ending.
  • Elven technology is also utilized in buildings, such as in wooden buildings built without nails.
  • A kamushika is an animal loved by the Elves as a creature said to be an incarnation of the wind, and there are some areas in which they coexist.

Villages and Towns

Eltona features many historical villages and towns that continue to practice longtime rituals and customs such as the festival to celebrate the flowering of the world tree. Given their love for nature, towns are abound with greenery such as large trees and rows of cherry blossom trees.

  • Tsusukul Village: An academic village with a school called “Garden of Learning.” A shrine maiden able to manipulate the power of wind governs the village.
  • Azlan, the Wind Town: A town that upholds the custom of the “Wind Farewell Ceremony,” in which they pray for the new wind’s protection. Its people coexist with the kamushika, a creature said to be an incarnation of the wind.
  • Kamihalmui Castle / Kamihalmui, The Royal Capital: The capital city governed by the Kamihalmui royal family, where cherry blossoms are in full bloom all year round. In the center of the city is a castle surrounded by a moat.
  • Gakeppuchi Village: A village constructed with the purpose of monitoring the cursed land. It stands beside a river of light.

The Characters You Will Encounter

During your adventure in Eltona, you will encounter the students of Tsusukul Village’s “Garden of Learning,” party member Fuura, and Fuura’s father as well.

  • Fuura: A girl from Azlan, the wind town, who c omes to Tsusukul Village to study. She has the qualities of a “wind rider,” but is troubled.
  • Shrine Maiden Himea: A shrine madien who governs Tsusukul Village. She hardly ever appears in public, and is said to possess a mysterious power beyond understanding.
  • King Nicoloi: The king who governs the land of Kamihalmui, known as a wise ruler. He has yet to overcome the tragedy that occurred 50 years ago.
  • Kyusuke: An easily elated Elf who has been held back at the Garden of Learning for over 10 years. His abilities are unknown.
  • Lord Taketora: The lord of Azlan, the wind town. He hopes to see his beloved daughter Fuura become the next wind rider.

Rakkaran, The Entertainment Island


In addition to the continents governed by the five races, Astoltia also has two large islands. One of them is Rakkaran, the entertainment island, which as its name suggests is an island with recreational activities such as a casino and the mansion of the island owner who collects small medals.

  • The island’s flashy streets are crowded with tourists from all over the world.
  • Gohleck, the owner of the island, is also a small medal collector.
  • Many people visit the island for its newly opened casino.

The Four Games You Can Play at the Casino

The key establishment on Rakkaran is its newly opened casino. In the casino, you can use tokens to play casino games, and exchange the tokens you collect for various prizes. There are four types of casino games you can play.

  • Slot machines and poker tables line the extravagant and gaudy casino floor.
  • Big chances like Tension Up, Casino Raid, and more will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • The four games are as follows:
    • Slots: A game in which you spin the reel to line up the images. If the liquid metal slime images line up, Metal Mode will activate, allowing you to earn two times the amount of tokens.
    • Poker: A game in which you make a poker hand with five cards. If you manage to make a hand, you can play Double or Nothing to try to earn double the tokens.
    • Roulette: A prediction game in which you guess which space the spinning ball will stop. If it lands on the space with the treasure chest, you can win a large amount of tokens.
    • Bingo: A game in which you must fill out a row on your card based on the numbers of the spaces where the ball lands. The more bingos you get, the more tokens you obtain.

The Guest Characters Who Will Support You on Your Adventure


You will encounter all sorts of characters at the places you visit, and sometimes lend them a hand as you progress on your adventure. Some of those characters will accompany you as guest characters to solve their troubles or problems together.

Over 10 guest characters will appear in Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline. Each will support the protagonist’s adventure in various ways.

  • Guest characters will join the party until they reach their destination.
  • Many guest characters will even participate in battle. Each character attacks, assists, and so on in their own way.

An Original Episode Exclusive to Dragon Quest X Offline


Dragon Quest X Offline will feature an original episode not depicted in the story of Dragon Quest X Online, which includes a new character. The original episode is set in the Ogreed continent of the past. Joined by a younger Himea and new character Garmy as guests, the protagonist and Elge go on an adventure in the world of the past.

  • Kid Himea and new character Garmy will participate in battle as guests.
  • A conversation scene between Elge and Himea will provide a deeper understanding of their inmost thoughts.

The Characters You Will Meet in the Ogreed of the Past

  • Elge, the Young Successor of the “Purification Shipwright”: The son of the “Purification Shipwright” that makes boats headed for the land of the Dark Lord. Although only 10 years old, he is determined to start his journey as successor to the “Art of the Purification Ship.”
  • Himea, the Young Daughter of the Elven Leader: The only daughter of Yakul, the leader of the Elves 500 years ago. She is interested in a future where children take the lead and come together, and decides to join Elge on his journey.
  • Garmy, the Ogre Girl Who Hates Humans: A new character that first appears in Dragon Quest X Offline. The daughter of Gamilgo, the leader of the Ogres 500 years ago. She fully believes in the strict teachings of her father and hates humans.

Further Original Content Awaits


In Dragon Quest X Offline, a new quest will tell the story of Fifi, a genius girl said to be a candidate for the future of the Purification Shipwright. It is an episode packed with highlights, including interactions between Fifi and her party.

  • In the face of harsh reality, self-proclaimed genius Fifi begins to lose motivation as a candidate for the Purification Shipwright…

Start from Level 70 in Dragon Quest X Online with the “Spell of Restoration”


When you clear the story of Dragon Quest X Offline, you will unlock the ability to use the special “Spell of Restoration” at the church. By using this Spell of Restoration, you can start Dragon Quest X Online strong. As long as you choose a vocation that appears in Dragon Quest X Offline, you will start the story with all your levels at 70.

  • Dragon Quest X Offline
    • After clearing the game, you will be be given the Spell of Restoration at the church, so take note of it with a picture, etc.
  • Dragon Quest X Online
    • After completing the necessary procedures for each platform in advance, input the Spell of Restoration in-game in Dragon Quest X Online.
    • Choose which version you want to start the game from. You can skip Version 1 and start the story from Version 2 or later if you like.
    • You will start with all levels at 70 for applicable vocations. If you were already playing Dragon Quest X Online, you can start a new sub-character from level 70.
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