Fend off rival gangs in this new batch of information for Dragon Quest Treasures

Square Enix has unveiled more new elements coming to Dragon Quest Treasures. Several days ago, they detailed how Erik and Mia form a gang and establish a base of operations for their big treasure-filled adventure. Now, more information surrounding the rival gangs that threaten the siblings has been released.

Rivals in Dragon Quest Treasures can attack you whether you're out on the field or in your home base. As they're approaching, people will be warned about it. Any treasure on ally monsters can be snatched up by rival gangs if they drop them.

If players successfully repel the invasion, the value of their treasure will further increase; if they're unsuccessful though, players will have to find where the invaders are hiding throughout Draconia and get their treasure back.

Two rival gangs are unveiled: The Thunderous Plunderers and The Sylphanian Expedition. The pirate skeleton Long John Silverbones leads the Thunderous Plunderers along with his officers, Gustav and Bonnie. Meanwhile, Captain Levanter is the beast that is in charge of the Sylphanian Expedition; a young cheerful girl named Gayle works under him.

There are other rival gangs in Dragon Quest Treasures and not all of them are hostile. Forging alliances and friendships with these friendlier rival gangs may prove beneficial.

Dragon Quest Treasures launches on December 9 for Nintendo Switch. For more information on the game, you can check out our hands-on preview of the game, or:



Erik and Mia aren't the only ones determined to discover all of Draconia's treasures. They've got rivals to contend with, and they'll stop at nothing to take your hard-earned loot.

Rival gangs will try anything to get their hands on your treasure, from attacking you out in the field, to launching a raid on your base. Rival gang members are not to be taken lightly, so be sure to have some friendly monsters in tow when you go to confront them!


You'll be given a warning if a rival gang approaches while you're out in the field searching for treasure.


A rival gang draws near! It's as though they can sniff out any treasure you're carrying... and now they're attacking in the hope of stealing it from you!


If the monsters in your party drop any treasure they're carrying, it'll be snapped up by the rival gang. Fight back to keep your treasures safe!


Some audacious gangs will attack your base in the hope of stealing the treasures you keep there, or will attack the monsters you've dispatched on a mission.


Successfully defending a treasure from a rival gang will increase its value.


If a rival gang overpowers you and successfully steals your treasure, they'll flee and go into hiding somewhere in Draconia. Track them down and take back your treasure!

Meet your rivals

Of all the treasure-hunting gangs that operate in Draconia, two are particularly notorious: The Thunderous Plunderers and The Sylphanian Expedition. Both these gangs have a flying ship at their disposal, and a host of hardened treasure hunters among their ranks. Let's take a closer look!

The Thunderous Plunderers

A band of sky pirates under the charismatic leadership of Long John Silverbones. The Plunderers have several hundred members, both human and monster.


Long John Silverbones is the infamous leader of the Thunderous Plunderers. A cruel and cold-hearted pirate, he is known for immediately dispensing with anyone for whom he no longer has a use.


Gustav is one of Long John Silverbones’ trusted officers. He is fiercely loyal, and all but worships his captain.


Bonnie is another one of Long John Silverbones' devoted officers. She is trusted and admired by her fellow Plunderers, who see her as something of an older sister.


Admiral Mogsworth is a feline pirate whose position within the Plunderers is rather precarious. He has been very taken with Mia ever since he encountered her in the forest.


Shambles is a sharp-tongued sky pirate who's never seen without her sidekick Shady - despite being frustrated by his constant failings.


Shady is a sky pirate who forms something of a double act with Shambles. He tends to be a bit of a bungler, and therefore admires Shambles' no-nonsense attitude.

The Sylphanian Expedition

The Sylphanian Kingdom has dispatched a special expedition to Draconia in search of treasure. They've established stockades on two separate islands, from where they conduct their operations.


Captain Levanter is a bold, if rather blunt, figure who leads the Sylphanian expedition. He appears to have a long-standing enmity towards Long John Silverbones...


Gayle is a cheerful and kind-hearted young woman who works under Captain Levanter. She's still just a novice when it comes to treasure hunting, but is working hard to improve her skills.

Additional Rivals

DRAGON QUEST TREASURES features lots of unique and interesting gangs apart from those featured above.


One of them is led by none other than the notorious bandit Robbin' 'Ood...


Not all rival gangs are hostile - some would prefer to strike up a friendship with Erik and Mia's gang. Keep an eye out for these characters, as they'll often be happy to share nuggets of treasure hunting know-how with you.


Erik and Mia run into Princess Anemone all over Draconia. Not only is she an accomplished scholar, she also has all the refinement one would expect from royalty. But if she's not a treasure hunter, what is she looking for in Draconia?