Harvestella details Quietus Dungeon, Lunamancer job,cooking deliveries, Conellu Dolls, and updates from demo feedback

Square Enix has released more information and screenshots for Harvestella, detailing the Quietus Dungeon, the Lunamancer job, cooking deliveries, collecting Conellu Dolls, and updates made to the release based on demo feedback.

You can find the new details below. New screenshots can be found in the gallery.

Harvestella launches on November 4 for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). A demo is currently available for Nintendo Switch.

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Quietus Dungeon


A dungeon that you can only enter during Quietus, which visits with the changing of the seasons. Entered via a well, the dungeon’s interior is somewhat strange... Defeat fearsome enemies that await you on each floor and press on further into the deepest depths of the dungeon.

Enter into the deep dungeon from a well in a certain location...


Jobs have unique weapons and use characteristic skills. By recruiting a character with a certain job, the player-controlled protagonist will also become able to use that same job.


Lunamancer: A job that excels at wide-range magic attacks and weakening enemies. It can perform attacks that take advantage of the planet's huge mass.

Daily Life

Cooking Deliveries


Residents of the different towns you visit during your adventure may ask you to cook a particular dish. By preparing their requested dish, you can earn a range of rewards including money and new recipes.

Collecting Conellu Dolls


In a certain town, a hideout lies quietly nestled away. It is said that the owner of this hideout, Chief Conellu, will exchange any Conellu Dolls you find and hand over for some great stuff.

Updates to Harvestella Main Game from Demo Version

Based on feedback from customers who played the Nintendo Switch demo version, we plan to improve the full version (Nintendo Switch / Steam) with the following updates. *These updates will not be implemented for the demo version.

Planned updates for the full game:

  • Reduced time lapse speed on the world map and the field
  • Reduced hit time for fishing
  • Reduced cooldown time for job changes
  • Increased the Mage’s normal attack speed
  • Partially reduced loading time
  • Addition of a warning effect when a character's HP is low
  • Modified UI during save and auto-save
  • Various bug fixes