Ys X: Nordics screenshots detail new characters and Release Line growth tree

Falcom, as well as Asian publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment, has released new information and screenshots for Ys X: Nordics, detailing another set of characters, the Release Line growth system, and more.

The details and screenshots can be found below, via Clouded Leopard Entertainment.

Ys X: Nordics is set to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 28. An international release has not been announced. For more on the game, you can check out:




VA: Risa Shimizu / Age: 23

“The princess’s big day—I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

Feria is a resourceful fighter who leads the Balta Navy’s Third Fleet and is known as one of its “twin pillars”, alongside Gunnar, the chief warrior. She is the right-hand man of Grimmson, the leader of the Balta Navy, and she also looks out for his only daughter, Karja. She was not originally a Norman, but for various personal reasons, she decided to join the Balta Navy.



VA: Yuki Sakakihara / Age: 15

“Princess Karja, are you hurt?”

Ezer is a young boy who works as a chamberlain to the Bartas, Karja’s family. Despite his youth, he is polite and attentive, and he always puts his master Karja first. Like Feria, he is not a native Norman, but seems to have emigrated from somewhere else...



VA: Tomoyo Takayanagi / Age: ???

“Nothing irritates me more than wasting time...”

A highly intelligent Grieger, Jord is a sadist who attacks the people of Obelia Bay and uses them like slaves. She is furious with Karja for harming her with the power of Mana, stalking Adol and his friends like an evil shadow.



VA: Masahiro Ito / Age: ???

“You humans never cease to amuse me.

Yes, quite amusing, indeed!” A highly intelligent Grieger, Lag seems to be interested in the culture and customs of humans. He sometimes appears before Adol and his friends to ask them strange questions. Compared to Jord and Odr, Lag is less belligerent rather than simply aloof, making his true intentions difficult to discern.



VA: Kazuki Kyan / Age: ???

“Adol and Karja, be strong-- Then come and kill me.”

A highly intelligent Grieger, Odr is an incredible fighter among his kind. He is particularly interested in Adol and Karja, who use the power of Mana, and challenges them to battle. He has high expectations for their progress, and he seems to encourage Karja in particular to grow as a warrior.



Immortal creatures that appear around Obelia Bay. It is impossible to kill them, as their wounds heal instantly no matter what weapons are used to attack them. The only way to repel Greeger is to display overwhelming superiority in battle, making them lose their will to fight. That said, it is possible to inflict deep wounds upon them with Adol and Karja's Mana powers. Many beast-like Greeger are known to exist, but there are also rumors of humanoid individuals with a high level of intelligence.

Growth Trees: Release Line


In Ys X, Adol and Karja’s combat abilities can be enhanced by releasing the power of Mana via a special growth tree called the “Release Line".

Release Line Flow:

  1. Level-up in battle and gain Mana points
  2. Use Mana points to unlock “Spots” in the Release Line
    *By unlocking Spots, you can acquire Adol/Karja-specific skills and crystals to be used in Solo Mode!
  3. Plant “Mana Seeds” in the unlocked Spots
    *“Mana Abilities” for battle are activated according to the Mana Seed’s lineage
  4. Progress down the Release Line by leveling up and unlocking Spots
    *By progressing down the Line, you can acquire exclusive skills for Dual Mode!

Adol and Karja have separate Release Lines.
Use Mana points earned by leveling up to unlock their individual abilities.

Four Unique Mana Abilities

There are four different Mana Ability lineages that are activated with items called Mana Seeds

Abilities from the same lineage can overlap, allowing you to customize your character by selecting multiple abilities in the “Valor” lineage for a strong attacker, or by selecting abilities in each lineage to create a solid all-rounder.

  • Valor: Attack-based abilities.
    • Raises damage inflicted & knockdown values.
  • Fortitude: Defense-based abilities.
    • Effects include reduced damage and increased speed of recovery from status effects.
  • Optimism: Raises the level of abilities other than attack/defense.
    • Effects include increased dash speed and extended skill chain activation time, etc.
  • Darkness: Abilities that come with pros and cons.
    • Effects include increased damage during status effects, increased critical rate when HP is low, etc.

Multiple abilities triggered by Mana Seeds contain elements of three lineages!

Mana Abilities are activated according to the lineage of the Mana Seeds planted in the Release Line,
and some Seeds belong to a special lineage called “Reverie”.

“Reverie” Mana Seeds contain Valor, Fortitude, and Optimism traits, and the abilities of each lineage can be combined with that of other Mana Seeds

Ys X: Nordics