Riviera: The Promised Land remaster launches for Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan on February 29

Sting has announced that the remaster for Riviera: The Promised Land will launch for Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 29. The Riviera remaster was originally announced last July, although with no details at the time.

Over the last several years, Sting has been releasing several remasters in the studio's Dept. Heaven series of strategy RPGs. Remasters of Yggdra Union, Knights in the Nightmare, Gloria Union, and Blaze Union have seen release in Japan, although only Yggdra Union has been made available in English on Nintendo Switch and Steam. For those keeping track, only Gungnir remains untouched from the original series of RPGs.

A description and some screenshots can be found below, and the official website is here.

Update (February 28): According to aritst Sunaho Tobe, the Riviera remaster is also planned for release on mobile devices and Steam.

Riviera - The Promised Land will be released as a downloadable software title for the Nintendo Switch on Thursday, February 29, 2024. The game is available for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop starting February 1.

  • A fantasy RPG that allows players to experience adventures as if they were turning the pages of a picture book!
  • The first title in the Dept. Heaven series, "Riviera - The Promised Land" is now available on Nintendo Switch as a remastered version!
  • Unique and fascinating character designs by Sunaho Tobe!
  • Includes three sound sources from the PSP, GBA, and WSC versions of the music in the game that has wowed game music fans, as well as two more sound sources.
  • Various additional functions have been added to upgrade the ease of playing the game!
  • This game is packed with elements that will satisfy everyone from beginners to experienced players!
Riviera: The Promised Land