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Tetracast - Episode 48: Nintendo Switch Super Show!

Due to the fact this past weekend saw the huge reveal of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's latest console/portable hybrid, we spent this entire episode sharing all of our thoughts. There was a lot to talk about as not only do we get into the near-hour long conference that was held on January 12/13 (depending on territory), but all of the important news that came after!

That includes the specs, the online services, and of course, the launch line-up and upcoming titles. You're in for an amazing discussion as we go over Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Project Octopath Traveler, the new Shin Megami Tensei, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and more!

This edition of the Tetracast features Josh Torres, Erren Van Duine, Bryan Vitale, and is hosted by Zack Reese. As always, you can find links to the full episode of the podcast below along with our RSS feed, and also subscribe to us on iTunes. You can check out related videos on our discussions through our YouTube channel

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