Super Neptunia RPG screenshots introduce the Bombyx Mori

Idea Factory International has shared new screenshots for Super Neptunia RPG, introducing the villainous Bombyx Mori. A new trailer also reintroduces the CPU Goddesses throughout previous Neptunia series' titles and this latest 2D adventure.

Find the information, trailer, and screenshots below. Be sure to also check out quest details, elements and break attacks, and battle system information.

Super Neptunia RPG is set tor release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in North America on June 25 and in Europe on June 28. The Steam version will launch a few days earlier on June 20. 

Character Updates: Filyn, Paiz St. Gliss, Artura Arrima, Ester Zira, Poofy

Bombyx Mori Characters

The Bombyx Mori is a 2D force to be reckoned with and with this week's screenshot batch, we are introduced to several of their battle tactics and sharp wits. As the leading purveyor of 2D games, the Bombyx Mori will ensure that those who stand against 2D games will be banished to the Trial Grounds! 

  • Filyn: A kid who reigns as the leader of the Bombyx Mori. She holds special feelings for Chrome, and chases her obsessively whenever she sees her. As a lover of 2D games, she declares that 3D games are nothing less than pure evil, and drills the idea into the minds of her citizens.
  • Paix St. Gliss: One of the Bombyx Mori's Three Musketeers. She has a fiery passion for 8-bit music. She leads Bombyx Mori and holds a deep devotion to her cause.
  • Artura Arrima: One of the Three Musketeers, and the overseer of the Trial Grounds, where Bombyx Mori sends criminals. The citizens have taken to calling her the "Mad King" because of the insane trials she puts innocent people through. She aggressively pursues Neptune with the intent of taking her to the Trial Grounds.
  • Ester Zira: One of the Bombyx Mori's Three Musketeers. A dangerous, but playful girl who loves experiments and fiddling with machines. She's also fearless enough to give the Mad King, Artura Arrima, the nickname "Arty." Her best buddy, Chocoman, stands tall against Neptune and the others.
  • Poofy: A young dragon who is incredibly fluffy. She flies around the land, searching for something...
Super Neptunia RPG Bombyx Mori Screenshots
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