Trials of Mana gets a Final Trailer ahead of its April release, demo announced, details on New Game Plus, new 4th class, and Li'l Cactus

Square Enix Japan has released a Final Trailer for Trials of Mana ahead of its release next month. The trailer shows a little bit everything, from cutscenes to combat to the storyline, as well as several of the game's bosses. This is also the first time footage has been available in 60FPS.

Various outlets have also gone live with some preview footage, such as GameSpot, IGN, USGamer, and others.



Square Enix Japan has also announced that a demo for Trials of Mana will be available starting on Wednesday March 18. Save data from the demo, which reportedly goes up to the first boss Full Metal Hugger, can be transferred to the full game. An English version demo has not yet been announced, but a demo icon was seen on PSN tracker, so it should be announced soon.

More details of the game were also revealed on Famitsu. You can find our summary of the details below. 

Update: Square Enix Europe has sent over the same information, and we've updated the below sections with the official English naming. An English demo will also be available on March 18 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, though timing availability may differ.

New elements in the Remake

New Fourth Tier Class

While the original game has three tiers of classes that characters could eventually become, the remake adds a fourth tier of classes, with each character getting two depending on if you choose the Light or Dark route upgrade. If you're not familiar, you can check out more details on the class system

A recent demo on PlayStation Underground revealed that classes can be changed at will, unlike the original game.

Update: Official English names listed:

  • Duran - Divine Hero (Light), Berserker (Dark)
  • Angela - Mystic Queen (Light), Spellbinder (Dark)
  • Kevin - Beast King (Light), Annihilator (Dark)
  • Charlotte - High Priestess (Light), Chaos Bringer (Dark)
  • Hawkeye - Wardenkeep (Light), Viligilante (Dark)
  • Riesz - Meteorite (Light), Brynhilder (Dark)

The new costumes can be found in the below gallery.

Trials of Mana

Li'l Cactus

Li'l Cactus is a cactus originally seen in Legend of Mana, and he'll make an appearance in the Trials of Mana remake as a collectable you can find throughout the world. He will appear in 50 places, and finding him can lead to unstated benefits within the game.


New Game Plus and New Episode

The Trials of Mana remake will also incorporate a New Game Plus feature, where players can replay the game and inherit money, link abilities, items, level, and the number of cactuses found. This way, you can experience playing with other characters and storyline routes that you didn't play through the first time while not having to start from scratch.

A new episode is also said to be found by visiting the library in Valsena, which seems to be related to acquiring the new 4th tier of classes. Clearing the new episode is required to access New Game Plus.

Update: Here is how Square Enix Europe describes the extra chapter and New Game Plus:

Trials of Mana also includes an extra chapter you can play after finishing the game.

Before the struggle of the final battle...
The party receives an ominous message in the Valsena Royal Library and learns of the existence of Class 4. They all must complete a quest related to their homelands in order to change classes and defeat a new evil.

You can choose the ‘New Game Plus’ option for your next playthrough once you’ve completed the extra chapter and saved. Start with New Game Plus to keep lucre, standard items, chain abilities, Li’l Cactus sightings and more from your previous game. Your party members will also retain the levels they gained in the extra chapter when you start over. Try out New Game Plus and play through all the different chapters!

Trials of Mana is set to release on April 24, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In case you missed it, you can check out the character introduction trailers for Hawkeye & RieszKevin & Charlotte, and Duran & Angela.

For gameplay and mechanics information, check out the gameplay trailer and details.