Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition screenshots introduce more characters & locations, artifacts, and more

Square Enix has posted new screenshots and information for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, introducing more of the game's caravan characters, the artifact system, combat gameplay, and post-game content.

Our rundown of the new details can be found below. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is set to release on August 27 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. For more information, you can check out last month's screenshot and information unveil, as well as a Features Trailer and Lite version announcement.

Square Enix recently confirmed that the game will not support local co-op multiplayer, instead featuring online multiplayer only.



Leuda Caravan

A caravan from the port town of Leuda consisting of just two Selkies. They are on a mission to collect Myrrh drops, but seem to be traveling more with free intentions. While they are quick to act when motivated, but otherwise it takes a long time for the pair to collect drops as they travel sluggishly.

  • Hana Kohl - The female Selkie. She acts sisterly towards Dah Yis and often speaks in a strong tone, but the pair's carefree personalities are similar to each other. She is often seen dancing at the festival and sometimes also dances for other caravans.
  • Dah Yis - The male Selkie. He often argues with Hana, but relies on her when it matters most. He is hard to motivate, but he still volunteered to be a part of the caravan.

Alfitaria Caravan

An all-Lilty caravan from the city of Alfitaria, made up of both young and experienced knights. The dress in full armor, which acts as a reminder that they adhere to stringent rules. They often clash with the Marr's Pass Caravan, who are also Lilties but with a craftsman's temperament.

  • Ent Dalace - A calm member of the troop. He greets people with the phrase "Greetings and good day!". However, he is not very good at fighting.
  • Donny Marce - Donny tends to call people who don't respect the rules as 'peasants', so he gets into disputes with the Marr's Pass Caravan a lot.
  • Sol Racht - The very compassionate leader of the caravan. He also often takes care of newcomer caravans. His father has taught him to value his family and to respect rules and regulations.
  • Alan Gyle - The second-in-command of the squad. He is often teased by his troops for being a bad speaker.
  • Genk Wauck - He's the oldest member of the squad with a great career, but he doesn't try to rise above the crowd. He is old friends with Sol Racht.

Fum Caravan

A caravan from the Fields of Fum consisting of four Clavat farmers. As they collect drops of Myrrh, they show gratitude for the earth and cultivation. They have an unexpectedly tough side to them as well, as they hold cattle races at their home to earn money.

  • Lulie - A Female Clavat. The most nature-loving of the group, with a daily routine to plant seeds at lunchtime.
  • Jake - He manages the finances and other aspects of the caravan and supports the squad behind the scenes.
  • Andy - A gentle, friendly Clavat with no hidden intentions.
  • Sheula - The leader of the squad. She has a strong personality, but always wears a smile, even in battle.

Shella Caravan

  • Yufina - A female Yuke. He is the most knowledgeable of the caravan. He often assists Amidatti with his knowledge of ancient texts.
  • Bessamzan - A female Yuke. Her wealth of knowledge has earned her a place in the caravan, which greatly contributes to the group's exploration.
  • Amidatty - The leader of the caravan, he is known as an eccentric among Yukes. He is regarded as a person of wisdom, and is trying to uncover the truth behind the Miasma during his travels.
  • Leonamiel - A male Yuke. Unusually for his race, he has an emotional personality. It's difficult to determine, but he seems irritable.

The Black Knight

A mysterious knight who is rumored to have appeared in many places. He used to travel alone to master the martial arts, but now he wields his sword and commits heinous deeds. The only thing they know is that they are "fighting to get something back".



Tida Village: It was once said to be one of the most beautiful villages in the world, but has now turned into a necropolis. Residents remained in the village, waiting for caravans to return with drops of Myrrh, until their final moments.


Moschet Manor: A huge mansion southwest of Alfitaria, inhabited by a demonic couple. Jack Moschet, a Gigas Lord, who lives with a Lamia wife, Maggie. The caravan that infiltrates the mansion in search of the Myrrh tree is seen as a hindrance to them at dinner time.


Shella: A hidden village surrounded by a lake where the wise Yuke people live and are absorbed in their many studies. The entrance to the village is guarded by the village chief himself and by a magical drawbridge. Only those who are authorized by the village chief are allowed to enter without paying a fee.


Veo Lu Sluice: A time when the war is over and the world is on the verge of peace. Lilties built the roads, Clavats built the farms, and Yukes gathered their wisdom to build this waterway. The sluice became a key lifeline to support the large farms that produced the world's food.


Leuda: An faraway port town on an isolated island inhabited by Selkies. Due to persecution, Selkies were forced to leave the continent and settle on this remote island, far from the continent.


Artifacts play a key role in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles in how you strengthen your character. They come in a few different forms, however.

Pick up an artifact in the dungeon


While exploring a dungeon, you might find artifacts you can pick up. Artifacts can raise various parameters such as attack, defense, and magic, as well as command slots and hearts. However, the artifacts you pick up in the manner are only activated while you are in the dungeon you picked them up in, and they will disappear when you leave the dungeon.

Clear the dungeon and take it home


When you defeat a boss and complete a dungeon, you can choose an artifact or item as a reward. Artifacts gained in this manner are permanent, unlike the ones picked up during the dungeon crawl.

Complete the bonus conditions and aim for a high score


It's not just about clearing dungeons, it's also about finding lots of items and defeating enemies with magic. Completing additional objectives can also raise your score. If you get a high score, you'll be rewarded with valuable artifacts, materials, and recipes. The bonus conditions are displayed at the top of the screen at any time in the dungeon, so if you can, try to aim for a high score.

Diary and Letters



Over the course of your adventures, memories of encounters with other caravans, new towns, and dungeons exploits are written down in the diary. It will become your own adventure story. It may be useful to re-read your diary every once in a while to get the big picture of your adventures.

New Feature: Revisit Event Scenes


As various encounters on the roads are written in the diary, you can rewatch these events whenever you feel to.



During your adventure, you will receive letters and items from your family. Sometimes the responses you'll get from family members may change depending on how you reply to them. It is up to the player to read the letters and sometimes reply with items.

Magic Piling System in Battles


As mentioned in a previous coverage, in multiplayer mode you are able to stack magic by using the new Pile Meter system. When you play in singleplayer mode, you can also pile magic by stacking Magicites on the menu.

The order of Magicites piled will drastically alter the resulting magic. For example, Fire + Raise will produce Holy, but Raise + Fire will instead result in Slow. Piling 3 Fire magicites in a row will let you use Firaga, while a combination of Raise + Fire + Raise + Raise will trigger Holyra+1.

New Post-game Dungeon and Artifacts


One of the new high-difficulty post-game challenge dungeons is called Village of Oblivion, which is based on the abandoned Tida Village. Other than a horde of enemies with powerful magic, a monster that is literally a more vicious version of Tida's boss Armstrong will also appear here. For clearing these challenge dungeons, new artifacts and equipment recipes can be obtained.

Find more screenshots in the gallery below, including more on magic combinations, attack styles of the four different races, and the Jack Moschet boss fight. 

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition