Genshin Impact Swan Quiz: Question and Answer list for Swan's quest

There's a large range of quests in Genshin Impact - and they're not all about beating up monsters. One particular character, Swan, challenges you to a quiz - and if you answer correctly, you'll get some handy rewards.

You can find Swan just at the main gated entrance to Mondstadt, doing his jobn guarding the entrance as a Knight of Favonius. He's one of the characters that will welcome you to Mondstadt with a speech bubble. 

Speaking to him will allow you to answer a bunch of questions. This is Swan's Quiz, and if you give the right responses, you'll get a little reward. Below is the Question and Answer list, with the correct choices.

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Genshin Impact Question and Answer quest: Swan's Quiz

We've embedded a video version of Swann's location and the quiz answers above thanks to YouTube user Maldito Ping - but we've also listed Swan's Questions and Answers below, as well as the rewards you get for answering his little quiz correctly.

It's worth noting that there are two variations of Swan's quiz that we know of - so while there's a number of questions below, you'll only get three of the following questions:

  • To the northwest of Mondstadt are some ruins. Legend holds that it was once a city where a tyrant ruled from his tower. It has since been occupied by Dvalin, who shelters himself there. What is the official name now given to these ruins by the Knights of Favonius?
    • Answer: "Stormterror's Lair."
  • According to knightly etiquette, what is the proper form of address to use when speaking to known individuals encountered within Mondstadt's borders? 
    • Answer: "Strange yet respectable traveler."
  • As I'm sure you are completely aware, the affairs of the Knights of Favonius within the city walls are currently under the management of Ms. Jean. My question, then, is: What is Ms. Jean's official title?
    • Answer: "Acting Grand Master."
  • What is Lisa's official title?
    • Answer: "Librarian."
  • What is Amber's official title?
    • Answer: "Outrider."
  • What is Kaeya's official title?
    • ​​​​​​​Answer: "Calvalry Captain."

Answering all of Swan's questions correctly confirms your status as an Honorary Knight - and it also nets you some handy rewards. Swan will hand over the following:

  • 5x Mondstadt Hash Brown, a three-star cooking recipe that can be used to restore around a third of your Max HP and an addition 600-1900 HP. 
  • 20,000 Mora for spending.
  • +100 Adventure EXP.