Monster Hunter Rise Wisplanterns & Boatshells | material locations for the Cultural Exchange Submarine request

Longtime Monster Hunter fans will tell you that one of the most important facilities for any title in the series, is the "farm". It goes by many names - in Monster Hunter Rise's case, it's the Submarine, where you can send out both Palico and Palamute alike to trade for crafting items of your choice. Along the way you'll want to complete various quests to add submarines; which will prove a very useful upgrade.

There are two requests dedicated to this, and the first of them is called Cultural Exchange. Both this and the following quest carry an additional Submarine as a reward. On this page, we detail the Cultural Exchange quest and more importantly explain exactly where to find the two key materials needed to complete the request and get that extra submarine - you'll need a couple of Wisplanterns and Boatshells, both of which can be farmed out in the wilds of Monster Hunter Rise. 

Monster Hunter Rise Cultural Exchange request: finding Wisplanterns and Boatshells

In Monster Hunter Rise, the more submarines you have access to the better, so you'll want to pick up the quests that can add more submarines to your arsenal. The Cultural Exchange requests can be obtained from Rondine the Trader. The quest itself is quite simple, tasking you with gathering some specific materials. Turn the quest in to get your rewards. It couldn't be more simple, honestly - especially with this guide to help. The next quest is similar, asking you to find the Rock Rose, King Rhino, and Bismuth Prism materials.

For the Cultural Exchange request, you need to gather the following, which have locations explained in detail below:

Where to find Wisplanterns

One of the key items required for the Cultural Exchange request that'll unlock another submarine for you is the humble Wisplantern. The Wisplantern is harvested from the Shimmering Red Berry gathering locations that are scattered around the Shrine Ruins


This one is actually a little easier than other similar ingredient requests later in the game - and that's because there's a mission that'll point you right to them! unlike other ingredients for requests later in the game - there's a mission that will help point you to them!


Wisplantern's grow on the same bushes as Firelanterns, and the 1* Village quest "Roly-Poly Lanterns" will even showcase the location of every single bush that can spawn them on the map. Simply go to one of the green dots on the minimap, search for a bush with "Shimmering Red Berries", and you're well on your way to a shiny new submarine!


The locations, for the record, are as follows:

  • Sector 1: At cliffs near the camp, and to the south-eastern edge of the map.
  • Sector 7: Near the Felyne Camp
  • Sector 9: Near the Giant Wirebug (heading north towards Sector 12)
  • Sector 10: Close to the camp
  • Sector 11: At the eastern edge, near the Wyvern nest
  • Sector 13: High up at the edge of the sector. 

Where to find Boatshells

Next up for the Cultural Exchange request is the elusive Boatshell. These unique shells can be found in Oyster Beds dotted across the Frost Islands! The quest for this one is called Plump and Juicy, and can be found in 2* Village quests.


Much like before, simply accept the quest, and go around to the nodes highlighted on the map. You have a chance at gathering Boatshells alongside the quest's required Raftshells. As you can see, the shells are generally found in flooded shallows across the map.


There's a couple of these flooded areas; one is sandwiched in between sectors 4, 7 and 5 (technically inside sector 4), while another is between sectors 7 and 8, north of sector 5 (part of sector 7). A small handful of these drops can also be found in sector 10. 

Finally, keep in mind that having the Geologist skill at Level 2 will help here - it can occasionally let you gather additional items from each node, meaning less runs to get what you need.

Once you're done with this quest, you'll next want to head to the Economic Stimulation quest where you'll have to find King Rhinos, Rock Roses, and Bismuth Prisms. There's also several other MH Rise guides, if you want more help: