Monster Hunter Rise Warm Pelt - where to get warm pelts for upgrades

Monster Hunter Rise keeps the series tradition of a constant grind for better materials and gear, and that starts right from the early game with some of the more basic materials in the game - amond which is the Warm Pelt, a vital armor upgrade item.

The Warm Pelt is a particularly important resource in MH Rise, especially early on, as it's used to upgrade a large number of armor sets you'll have your hands on right from the start of the game. On this page, we'll explain how you can get your hands on a bunch of Warm Pelts - which along with Dragonhusk Shards will more than get you on the way with upgrading your gear. On this page:

Warm Pelt Location: where to get Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise

Ultimately, Warm Pelts are actually a relatively common drop in the grand scheme of things in Monster Hunter Rise. They're not dropping off super-rare, difficult enemies, and so as a result as you get deeper into the game, you shouldn't struggle to find plenty of Warm Pelt naturally - but in this guide, we wanted to focus down on some places you can easily farm this important upgrade resource early on.

Warm Pelts can be found on certain enemies in both the Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands zones of MH Rise, but we'd recommend going with the Shrine Ruins if you're trying to grind out this material early on.


Farming Warm Pelts from Kelbi in Shrine Ruins

In the Shrine Ruins, head to sector 11 or sector 13 on your map; here, you'll find the Kelbi, which is a small herbivore monster that just so happens to be a prime source of Warm Pelt!

There's two to three Kelbi found in both sectors 11 and 13. To get Warm Pelts, what you'll need to do is just take out the Kelbis - which is easy enough, as they're small, non-threatening monsters. 

Loot the downed Kelbi and you'll get some nice drops; among them the unique Kelbi Horn, but most notably there's also a 45% chance for a Warm Pelt to appear when you carve the Kelbi remains

Farming Warm Pelts from Anteka in Frost Islands

The Frost Islands is a two-star zone, so you'll get access to it a little later - but if you happen to be undertaking other business in this map like unlocking subcamps or picking up Boatshells for the Cultural Exchange request, you can also have a shot at getting your hands on some fresh Warm Pelts in this zone, too.

This time, you'll be looking for the Anteka monster. This is another small monster, so is nothing to really worry about combat-wise - but take them down and you have a chance to carve and get a Warm Pelt drop off its remains

Anteka can be found in sector 1 and sector 6 of the Frost Islands. Keep in mind, however, that the chance of a Warm Pelt drop is much lower than off a Kelbi - from an Anteka, it's only around 30%

Using Warm Pelt in Armor Crafting

Once you've got your hands on it, the Warm Pelt material can be used in the crafting and upgrading of a number of armors and armor sets. Generally speaking, any individual craft will only need 1-3 warm pelts, but the exact amount varies. Warm Pelt is used with the following Armors:

  • Azuros Helm
  • Bone Vambraces
  • Bullfango Mask
  • Droth Mail
  • Hunter's Helm
  • Hunter's Greaves
  • Kadachi Greaves
  • Khezu Coil
  • Lagmbi Coil
  • Leather Headgear
  • Leather Gloves
  • Slagtoth Hood
  • Slagtoth Cloak
  • Volvidon Coil

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