Monster Hunter Rise Dragonhusk Shards - where to find and farm for upgrades

The grind is back in Monster Hunter Rise - and that means you'll be keeping track of a bunch of different materials you'll need for upgrades to keep that character progression rolling. One key material you'll likely need a bunch of early on is Dragonhusk Shards - so on this page we're going to explain where to find Dragonhusk Shards in MH Rise.

Dragonhusk Shards are particularly useful for some early game weapon synthesizing, so it's a very useful item to pick up, and one that many players, depending on their choice of weapon, will likely find themselves trying to grind out. Unfortunately it's not a guaranteed drop, and it actually won't show up at all until you hit a certain point in the game's progression. Allow us to explain:

Where to find Dragonhusk Shards in Monster Hunter Rise

Dragonhusk Shards are actually a traditional bone spawn, which means like many types of Monster Bone they can be found in bonepiles in MH Rise. However, they won't actually show up until you first set foot in the two-star Frost Islands zone for the first time - so if you haven't yet done that, keep progressing until you do.

While Dragonhusk Shards are available in a number of places throughout MH Rise once you reach that point, the Frost Islands remain one of the best places to find them, with a number of the spawn points you'll need for a chance at farming the shards. The Frost Islands is also a nice, manageable two-star exploration area that you'll have access to from relatively early in your Monster Hunter Rise adventures. 

Inside the Frost Islands area, you'll want to go hunting for Bone Piles (written in game as Bonepile) - this is the resource node you'll need to search in order to have a chance at getting those must-have Dragonhusk Shard drops. This is actually easier than you'd think; you can go onto your detailed map and filter the material list right the way down until the only icons highlighted are the bonepiles, which are represented by a dark grey icon with a question mark. 


Alternatively, you can consult our screenshot of a filtered map, above. As you can see, there's a bunch of these scattered across the Frost Islands, including:

  • One at the top of sector 1.
  • Two inside the flooded area that's in the middle space between sectors 10, 8, 7 and 5. 
  • Two bonepile locations in the north-est of the map around sector 9.

What you need to keep in mind is that Dragonhusk Shards aren't a 100% drop rate; like most resources in Monster Hunter Rise, there's an element of the random to what drops and when. You'll find yourself getting a lot of Monster Bones while doing this, as well. In that sense, this is somewhat in the hands of the gods - but you can simply keep farming familiar nodes, which respawn regularly, to get however many of this material you need.

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